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Case Study: How Oodlelife Uses Pinterest to Drive 250K visitors to Their Website

With search engine traffic being taken over by AI, traffic diversification is now more important than ever. Oodlelife.com, a dog website started by dog expert Chris Allen in 2019, got the memo early and started taking Pinterest seriously in 2023. 

At the time, Chris and his VA were spending time creating 1 pin per post on Canva. However, they knew that to see results they would need to create significantly more pins…

Enter Pin Generator. With Pin Generator they were able to 10x their output and double the amount of traffic they got from Pinterest spending just 20% of the time! 

We knew that creating and pinning more pins would be beneficial but just didn’t have time to create all the pins. There are SO many elements of running a small business and although important, we didn’t have enough resources to do Pinterest properly. Pin Generator changed that.” – Oodlelife

The result? An impressive 250 000 website visitors coming from Pinterest in 2023.

Pinterest Traffic Statistics
250K outbound clicks Pinterest
250K outbound clicks from Pinterest

Here’s how they did it.

Post a Mix of Inspirational & Traffic Pins

OodleLife has a ton of cute dog pictures available to share on Pinterest and they use them smartly to both drive traffic to their site and inspire dog lovers. 

As you can see the same picture is used for 2 different pins, one with text overlay and one without. 

These pins have a different purpose. Pins without text overlay are perfect to inspire people, while pins with text overlay will drive more traffic. 

You might wonder why you should spend time creating pins that don’t result in traffic… Well, pins without text overlay have a higher chance of getting saved because they fit perfectly on a vision board and many people are using Pinterest to dream and plan. And more saves means a higher chance of getting in front of your target audience who then might decide to look at your other pins or follow your account.

And as you can see, even the picture without text overlay has the website URL on it so whenever someone saves the pin to their inspirational board they still become aware of the brand.

Here’s what Chris says about this strategy:

“We post 10 pins per day. It used to be a struggle to make one to five pins per post. Now, using Pin Generator, we easily make 8-15 custom new pins per post. We also pin the images of dogs and puppies that we add to new articles. It is difficult to predict which pin will go biggest for a post, and the volume game is working out great for us.”

Key Takeaway

If you have a visually attractive niche, don’t hesitate to post picture only pins. Luckly, Pin Generator makes this super easy with 100+ pin templates with and without text overlay. 

Pin Generator Templates overview
Choose from 100+ pin template with and without text overlay

Here’s Chris’ advice for Pinterest success:

“Over time, you will learn what is currently working within the niche you make content for. Do MORE of that, and less of what isn’t. It is so important thought to never stop experimenting and try out new pins styles and formats. By trying new templates and reviewing the statistics every few months, we have uncovered some hidden gems that give us more visitors from Pinterest.”

Use Multiple Titles for the Same Content

Posting multiple pins for each piece of content is vital to see success on Pinterest. However, just creating different pins with the same text overlay, title and description isn’t the best strategy. 

Of course, one pin might be visually more attractive than another and get more traction but if you’re only posting different pin designs you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to get more reach.

Think about it, Pinterest is a search driven platform so when someone searches for “How to make my dog sleep” they could be interested in your article “How to Get Your Dog to Sleep” but they might also search for “Dog Sleeping Tips” in which case your pin titled “How to make my dog sleep” might not be on top of the search results. 

This is exactly what OodleLife is doing in these two pins: different titles and descriptions but linked to the same article. 

Here’s Chris’ take on pinning multiple angles per post:

When our number of posts on Pinterest were lower we did not see any improvement, however the higher the number of fresh pins, the more we saw slow gradual gains.” 

Key Takeaway

To multiply the opportunities for getting discovered on Pinterest, you should create different pins for the same content. And not just different designs but different titles and descriptions too! 

Luckily, Pin Generator makes this super easy with the “rewrite pin title” and “rewrite pin description” AI functionality.

The AI function inside Pin Generator allows you to create new titles in seconds

Build a Reputation to Earn Affiliate Commissions and Make E-commerce Sales

OodleLife spends a lot of time creating high quality expert dog content. They share all this information for free. This builds up a reputation and allows them to then also promote their affiliate content such as review posts and link to their own e-commerce products.

When you look over Oodlelife’s Pinterest, there’s a great mix between educational and promotional content. 

Looking over the first 14 pins, only 2 are clearly about a product and going to a review article.

The rest of the content is educational.

Affiliate Promotion Pinterest
Pin a mix of affiliate and educational content

This is Pinterest affiliate marketing done right. 

Key Takeaway

Pinterest can drive traffic to your “money” articles when done right. 

Create pins to your educational content and mix it with pins to your affiliate content. 

Pin Generator makes it super easy to schedule a good mix of content with the Smart Shuffle scheduling option. 

Here’s how to schedule a good content mix in just 4 steps:

Step 1: Generate pins for your blog post

Step 2: Hit “Schedule Pins” 

Step 3: Repeat step 1 and 2 for 10 more blog posts

For the moment, all pins for post 1 would be scheduled first, then pins for post 2,… That’s NOT what we want! 


Step 4: Hit the Smart Shuffle button

Now you will automatically post different pins to the different blog posts over the upcoming days and weeks. 

And remember, you can always come back, generate more pins for more posts and use the smart shuffle button again to mix them in with the previous pins!

Now it’s Your Turn! 

Is it time to start generating traffic from Pinterest? 

Sign up for Pin Generator today so you too can post consistently on Pinterest without spending your precious time creating and scheduling pins.

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