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Pinterest’s Most Asked Questions in 2022

I team up with Mim Jenkinson from the Paper Planner Club to determine what are the biggest questions that her students have regarding Pinterest marketing in 2022.

The answers to these questions with help you to get more Pinterest traffic to your Etsy store, eCommerce store, or website.

If you prefer to watch a video about it all the questions are also answered in this video:

1. What are the best types of pins to make right now? – Image pins, idea pins, videos, product pins?

So idea pins used to be Pinterest’s hot topic for a while and users found that story pins would get a ton more impressions than normal pins. But this isn’t the case anymore. Pinterest seems to serve a good blend of pin types.

I think the secret to having a pin served to users more often, is to create a pin that draws engagement. If your pin has a high engagement rate then it will be served more often because Pinterest will determine that users are interested in your pin because they are interacting with it.

Pinterest also wants people to be shopping in their app which is why I suspect that product pins will get preferential impressions. So if you have products you are selling in your store, be sure to create product pins for these.

A good idea is to create a blend of pins and figure out what gets the most impression for you. Then pursue that pin type more often.

2. Is it better to pin manually or schedule your pins?

Scheduling without a doubt.

It’s super easy to generate a month’s worth of pins with Pin Generator and set them up for scheduling. This takes me about an hour each month to create 600 pins. This is enough pins to schedule 20 pins per day.

It’s as simple as taking the URL to your shop or product, putting it into Pin Generator, and clicking the schedule button.

Once your pins are all scheduled, you can relax for the rest of the month knowing that your Pinterest marketing campaign is on autopilot.

The alternative is logging into Pinterest every day to pin images which is a very difficult thing to commit to every day and also really time-consuming.

3. How many times should I pin per day?

This is the first question that everyone asks. The short answer is 15 – 30 pins per day. The long answer is: it depends on the type of business you are running. If you have a big store with 1000’s of products for sale, then it makes sense to have this number much higher than this. If you are a small store with only a few products or blog posts, then certainly 15 – 30 pins per day will work for your needs.

My rule of thumb is to try to not post more than one pin that leads to the same outbound URL per day.

4. Do I need to post new pins consistently?

Pinterest loves fresh pins. What is a fresh pin you ask? A fresh pin is an image or video that Pinterest has not seen before. Pinterest wants relevant, useful and new content for its users.

If you went on Pinterest and kept seeing the same popular images over and over, then you wouldn’t want to visit Pinterest anymore. So creating new, never seen images for the platform is what they want.

You will also find that Pinterest is very intelligent in detecting duplicate pins and re-pins and often you will see that these pins even share the same statistics.

5. Do I need to make multiple pin images for each of my products, Etsy listings, blog posts, etc?

Yes, you should create multiple pin images for each of your products. This will help you to showcase your product in different ways, with different images, and from different angles. Not all users are attracted to the same types of graphics and colors. So having a variety of images that use different styles will increase your chances of getting noticed.

What is attractive to one person may not be attractive to another, so creating a variety of pin images with different descriptions and images will help you to get noticed by more people.

6. Do I need to keep re-pining the same pins or create new ones every time?

Fresh pins outperform re-pins most of the time. But there are cases where re-pinning the same image makes sense such as pinning the image to a different board or catalog. This will give Pinterest more information about pins across topics which will hopefully cause your pin to appear across multiple searches.

The good news is that it is super-fast to create fresh Pins with Pin Generator. Simply click the shuffle button to get a whole new set of fresh pins, instantly.

7. Does Pinterest delete my old pins?

No, Pinterest will not delete your old pins. Pinterest will only ever delete your pins if they go against Pinterest’s community guidelines.

8. Why are some of my pins getting no traffic/engagement?

This is often a sign that your account may have been flagged as spam. This can be caused by pinning in ways that a spammer would. For instance, pinning too many pins in one day. Or inbox spamming other Pinterest users with spam content.

When you create a new Pinterest account this can happen as new accounts are often regarded with more suspicion as spammers often create a new account and do as much spamming as they can before they get caught. I was told by Pinterest that this spam alert window is 10 days.

If you think you have been incorrectly flagged as spam, contact the Pinterest support channel and ask if you have been flagged for spam. They can check for you and unflag you if you have been incorrectly marked as spam.

Remember, the Pinterest spam detector is automatic, so there is a chance it can be wrong.

If you have been participating in spam activity, Pinterest support will tell you what you have been doing wrong and you can avoid that behavior in the future. If they determine that you have made an honest mistake then Pinterest support will remove the spam flag from your account.

9. What’s the best size image for a Pinterest pin?

Pinterest recommends that pins are vertical images. They want the image to have a 2:3 aspect ratio e.g. 1000 px X 1500 px. Having pins with a different aspect ratio can cause your images to get cropped which might negatively affect the pin’s performance especially if there is text on the image. Read more on the best pin sizes here.

10. How long does it take Pinterest pins to rank? How far in advance of seasons should I pin?

Pinterest pins can 2 – 4 weeks to reach their full visibility on Pinterest. So plan your pins a few months before the season you are targeting is starting.

Remember, if you are targeting Christmas products, don’t aim for the 25th of December. Aim to have your pins ranking 1 month before that as people looking for Christmas presents will be looking for them in November. So if you want your pins to be ranking in November, start pinning these pins one month before in October.

11. Do I need to re-pin every year for that same season?

Seasonally re-pinning is still a good idea even though Pinterest has reduced the effectiveness of re-pinning. This will refresh your pin’s presence in the algorithm and hopefully cause your pin to get redisplayed in the new season.

But, remember, fresh pins are always better than re-pins. So if you are able to create pins quickly and easily with a tool like Pin Generator then this is always a better option.

12. Does the number of my Pinterest followers matter when it comes to appearing in search results?

I don’t think that anyone can answer this with 100% certainty as the Pinterest algorithm is a secret. However, what I can tell you is that most social media companies use a variety of metrics to determine what media to show. I am fairly sure that our follower counts factor into this, but it is probably not weighted as much as other metrics such as a click or re-pin interactions.

What we do know about followers though is that people that follow you will see more of your content which means more impressions for you.

People that follow you will also see your idea pins first on their homepage. So having lots of followers will definitely get you more impressions.

13. How Do I Use Keywords with Pinterest?

The best and simplest way to use keywords with Pinterest is to type in the topic you want to make pins for and see what other search queries are coming up.

The phrases that come up in the auto-suggest are the most searched terms on Pinterest. So this will indicate to you what the best keywords to target are.

Select a few of these keywords and include them in the title of your pins as well as in the description. This will help you rank and appear for those keywords when someone searches for those things on Pinterest.

Another great tool that you can use for Keyword research on Pinterest is Pin inspector. This will help you to find good keywords for Pinterest as well as investigate what keywords the top boards and pins are using to get lots of traffic.

14. How many boards should I have?

I don’t think that getting to a certain number of boards is important. What I think you should focus on is creating boards that add value to Pinterest users and that are well set up and contain good content.

So this means, you should set up a board that has the keywords that you want to target in the title and description. Make sure to choose a great thumbnail for the board too. Once these are set up, add around 20 high-quality pins that match the board’s title and description.

e.g. if the board is titled ‘best outfits for sausage dogs’ then that board should have a variety of sausage dog outfits in it. Make sure that the pins in this board also repeat the keywords that you are targeting.

15. How do I make sense of Pinterest’s stats?

Check out the demo in this video on how to read Pinterest analytics.

16. Have I missed the boat to getting traffic on Pinterest since so many bloggers from years ago are dominating it?

Definitely not, there is still loads of opportunity out there. Pinterest needs new content all the time to show to their users and so new content will always start ranking and get impressions. There are constantly new products to showcase and new imagery to show people.

I personally started my main Pinterest account about 8 months ago and it is now my main source of traffic.

17. How long after I pin can I start seeing traffic to my shop?

Pins can take up to one month to be distributed at their full visibility.

18. How do I know if shop visitors came from Pinterest?

You can check this in your google analytics.

19. How does Pinterest’s algorithm work?

We don’t know. If everyone knew, this would be easy.

What we do know is that Pinterest likes pinners who contribute high-quality content, consistently, to the platform which is why setting up pin scheduling is super important.

With Pinterest’s big push into Pinterest sales, product catalogs, and Pinterest ads, we know that Pinterest wants people to be able to find products they want to buy on Pinterest. So when you create your pins, make sure you are showcasing your products and your brand effectively.

If you are consistently posting high-quality content that users engage with on Pinterest, then Pinterest will show more of your pins to more users. It is best to target these standards rather than trying to game the algorithm. This way your content will be meaningful and useful for years to come. However, the Pinterest algorithm is set up in the future, you can be sure that these standards will always hold you in good stead.

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