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How To Become A Pinterest Virtual Assistant

Are you passionate about social media and in need of a job that can work around your schedule? Then being a Pinterest virtual assistant may just be for you!

A Pinterest virtual assistant performs many roles within the platform, but essentially helps bloggers and businesses to reach a larger audience. 

This career path is a fun and rewarding option if you’re interested in Pinterest and freelance work. The great news is that it’s not all that difficult to get involved in either.

Our experience in the field allows Pin Generator to share information on what a Pinterest virtual assistant does, how you could become one, and why businesses need them. 

Why Does a Business Need a Pinterest Virtual Assistant?

Did you know that 93% of Pinterest users reported planning future purchases while scrolling through Pinterest? 

It is a very beneficial platform that all businesses should be taking advantage of. Unfortunately, creating a successful Pinterest business account is also very time-consuming. Many businesses simply don’t have the time or the capital to maintain a successful account. 

This is where a Pinterest virtual assistant comes in! They are able to help grow businesses a successful Pinterest account without the added stress of maintaining it. 

What Does a Pinterest Virtual Assistant Do?

A Pinterest virtual assistant helps businesses to use the platform to their advantage. Some of their main services include:

  • Setting up a Pinterest business account 
  • Creating a large number of custom pin designs, which is made easy with the help of Pin Generator
  • Scheduling a specified number of pins each month (watch this space) 
  • Checking and uploading new content 
  • Performing a Pinterest audit on their current account if they already have one set up
  • Updating pins while keeping SEO in mind 
  • Looking for and applying group boards
  • Reviewing Pinterest data analytics 

How to Become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant

Becoming a Pinterest virtual assistant isn’t necessarily difficult if you follow the basic steps. 

1. Evaluate Your Pinterest Knowledge

Before starting a career as a Pinterest virtual assistant, you need to evaluate how much you already know about the platform. 

Are you active on Pinterest and up to date with the best Pinterest automation software tools? Or have you experimented with different Pinterest strategies and already know the steps that a successful Pinterest marketing strategy needs

The first thing that you need to do is spend some time figuring out the algorithm and how it works. The more knowledge that you have about the platform, the more successful your business will be.

2. Find Your Why

Before starting a business, it’s a good idea to spend some time thinking about your why. This time can be used to figure out the motivation behind your business and help set some goals to strive toward.

3. Choose Your Target Market

Are there specific types of blogs or businesses that you are drawn to or that you are more interested in than others? We recommend that you keep these in mind when choosing your target market. 

During this step, it’s important to get specific. It’s easier to find clients when you’re working with one niche. You’ll be more likely to know their jargon and be able to relate to their business as a whole.

Your target market determines the type of business owners and bloggers that you will be working with. So why not pursue a niche that you’re passionate about? 

4. Create a Service Menu

By this stage, you should be ready to create your list of services. When creating this list and its pricing, the amount of time that each service takes will need to be considered. 

As we mentioned earlier, the job of a Pinterest virtual assistant covers a wide range of services. All of which have to do with creating a successful Pinterest business account for the client. So keep that in mind when creating a services list. 

5. Start Looking for Clients

The great news is that once you are all set up, there are many different ways to find clients, especially with a specific target market in mind. 

You could start by identifying and joining Facebook groups or asking your family and friends to spread the word. 

6. Pitch Your Services

Once you have found potential clients, start by introducing yourself and the services that you provide. There is an endless number of ways to make this introduction like cold-emailing or posting on Facebook groups to name a few.

Let Pin Generator Help You Become a Successful Pinterest Virtual Assistant Today

One of a Pinterest virtual assistant’s most important jobs is creating pins specific to the business’s needs. But they can’t use any old images, they need to be high quality, easily readable, and eye-catching pins. 

This is where Pin Generator comes in handy. It is able to create a high volume of quality pins in a matter of seconds! Simply add the website URL and watch the magic happen.

If you have any questions about how Pin Generator works or our sales packages, please don’t hesitate to contact us here.

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