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6 Ways To Use Pinterest For Business

Did you know that Pinterest offers businesses of all sizes a unique way to market their products and services? So, if you aren’t already, it may be time to start looking into using Pinterest for business. 

Over the years, Pinterest has grown into a powerful platform that can be used to set your business apart from competitors. 

For this reason, Pin Generator would like to use their experience in the industry to share 6 ways that you can use Pinterest for business. 

1. Develop a Pinterest Marketing Strategy

The success of a social media account rests largely on the presence of a well-thought-out marketing strategy. Your Pinterest business account isn’t any different. 

There are a few things that you need to consider when creating a Pinterest marketing strategy. A good strategy should outline all of your account’s goals, how you plan on achieving them, as well as how you’re going to track the performance of your content. 

The strategy should also outline the different roles and responsibilities that each of your team members will hold. While your Pinterest marketing strategy may differ slightly from those for your other social media accounts, it should still align with your business’s overall marketing strategy.

How to use Pin Generator in 30 seconds

2. Audit Your Profile

The great news is that starting a Pinterest business account isn’t a time-consuming task. However, if you already have a profile, it may be in need of an audit. 

Essentially, when you audit your profile, you’re cleaning it up and making it more user-friendly. This creates a more pleasant experience for users scrolling through your profile.  

By simply glancing at your profile, users should be able to get a clear idea of what your business is about and what content they can expect to see. So, when using Pinterest for business, it’s important that your profile accurately reflects your brand and what it stands for. 

3. Create Quality Content

Pinterest is a visual platform. This means that if you’re going to use Pinterest for business, your content needs to be high-quality and engaging. 

Thousands of content is posted on Pinterest every day, so you need to find different ways to stand out and catch your audience’s attention. 

Pin Generator makes creating high-quality content both easy and fun. Not only will it catch your user’s attention, but they won’t be able to resist interacting with it. 

Use Different Formats

Pinterest is often associated with pictures, but it’s important to mix up your content formats. Creating content using different formats like pictures, videos, and idea pins keeps your profile fresh and interesting. 

Optimize Pin SEO

There are many things that set Pinterest apart but one of the biggest things is that it’s both a social media platform and a search engine.

This is important to remember when using Pinterest for business because search engines rank content according to their SEO. Optimizing your pins SEO will allow them to be found more easily and increase your content exposure. 

Identifying and using keywords in the board titles and pin descriptions is an easy way to optimize pin SEO. 

4. Add Pin Save Buttons to Your Website

Regardless of what your Pinterest goals are, encouraging people to save your content to their boards is a must.

An easy way to do this would be to add a pin save button to the products on your website. This allows them to save your content in just one step. 

When users save your content to their boards, it gives your brand more exposure and may help to increase your Pinterest following. 

5. Plan Ahead

Your Pinterest marketing strategy is done and ready to be implemented. Now you need to plan ahead so that you always have enough new content to post. 

Dedicating time in the week to plan and create content is a good idea. You could spend one day creating content for the rest of the week or several days creating content for the rest of the month. 

With Pin Generator, planning ahead is easy. Not only can you create a high volume of quality pins in a matter of seconds, but you can also download these pins and save them for another day. 

Planning ahead allows you to manage your Pinterest profile effectively and frees up time for you to focus on more important tasks. 

6. Track Your Performance

To use Pinterest for business successfully, you need to track your performance. 

With a Pinterest business account, you have access to Pinterest analytics. This will show you which parts of your Pinterest strategy are working and which areas need to be adjusted. 

Tracking your performance allows you to use your time effectively and not waste it on strategies that aren’t working. 

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A key part of using Pinterest for business involves creating eye-catching content to attract users’ attention. However, creating content can be time-consuming and costly. That’s if you’re not using Pin Generator!

With Pin Generator, you’re able to create a high volume of quality pins in a few seconds. It has a number of design elements and templates to choose from, allowing each pin that you create to have your own personal touch.

You’re more than welcome to give it a try before committing to one of our sales packages. If you have any questions or would like to share some feedback, we’d love to hear from you so contact us here. 

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