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Introducing Pin Generator: A Pinterest Automation Solution

If you have a Pinterest account, then you know how long it takes to create high-quality pins. It is so time-consuming and expensive that many companies give up. Hold tight, because this Pinterest automation solution is going to save you hours of time.

What if we told you that you could generate pins in a few seconds without compromising on quality? Pin Generator is a Pinterest automation solution and design tool that helps company’s to reach their daily pin goals.

What Does Pin Generator Do?

Pinterest is a social media platform that all businesses should be using. It is a great way to drive traffic back to your website and increase sales. One of the keys to a successful Pinterest marketing strategy is posting a large number of pins. 

Posting these pins may not be an issue but creating them definitely is. Creating this amount of content is not only exhausting but is also time-consuming. Luckily for you, it doesn’t have to be!

Pin Generator is a Pinterest automation solution. It helps you to create a large number of pins in a matter of seconds by gathering images and information from your website and then turns them into beautiful Pin designs. Pin Generator is a design tool that allows you to reach an increased number of pins a day while saving you hours of design time.

But how exactly does PinGenerator work? 

How to use Pin Generator in 30 seconds

How Does It Do It?

There are two ways to generate pins when using this Pinterest automation software. 

The first option is to create content for a specific blog post, website page or e-commerce product. To do this, you would need to copy and paste the blog, page or product’s URL. This will allow Pin Generator to create the specific content that you are looking for.

For more general pins, you can copy and paste the URL of the home page of your website into Pin Generator, which will then scan your website and get all the information on your posts, pages and products which you can then generate pins from. Pin Generator will fetch your photos, blog titles, and metadata which is then used to create the perfect pins, super fast. 


Creating eye-catching pins and saving time is the main goal. We also understand that creating a high volume of pins means nothing if they’re not visually appealing which is why we have a beautiful selection of pin templates for you to choose from.

Design Elements of Pin Generator 

When using Pin Generator, you don’t need to worry about all your pins looking the same. Each pin can be customized using the design tools in the sidebar and via the single pin edit button. There are a variety of customizable templates and styles to choose from where you can change the color and font, or even add your company logo!

Once your pins have been generated, the shuffle icon allows you to see what other templates and images will look like. From here, you can either download your new pins or post them straight away to the appropriate board. 

Who Should Use It?

If you’re someone wanting to generate a higher number of pins, then Pin Generator is for you! 

This design tool is fantastic at helping anyone’s Pinterest marketing strategy, but people who would benefit the most would be:

  • Bloggers
    • Bloggers can now post 10 pins per day without breaking a sweat. When you post a new blog post, you can generate however many pins you would like in seconds.
  • Affiliate marketers
    • Affiliate marketers are looking to get as many people clicking on their affiliate links as possible. Pin Generator helps affiliate marketers by saving them countless hours when generating pins for their affiliate products.
  • E-commerce websites
    • Online stores normally have tons of products which can take hours to create pins for which is the reason many ecommerce stores dont have a Pinterest strategy. Pin Generator solves this problem in a matter of seconds.
  • Anyone looking to generate a higher number of pins
    • More volume means more exposure. Pin Generator can help you create countless fresh pins, effortlessly.
  • Websites with a lot of content

Sign Up With Pin Generator for Free 

The good news is that signing up is free. The great news is that you can give Pin Generator a try before committing to anything. If you’re interested in getting involved, we have a variety of pricing packages designed to suit your company’s Pinterest needs. 

Here is a quick tutorial video on how to use Pin Generator.

Create some pins, have some fun, and contact us if you have any questions.

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