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Pinterest Account Suspended? Discover What Actions to Take Next

I understand how you feel, I’ve been there. You come to Pinterest only to discover your account has been suspended. 

All the Pinterest marketing strategies, and graphics created, time and effort in jeopardy. 

The worst part is Pinterest help center team isn’t as responsive as you’d need them to be most times. 

It may require 3-4 days to get a response from the Pinterest customer support team, and the common answer you’d get is “We have considered not to reactivate your account”, or “Your account has been permanently suspended for violating our community guidelines.”

Pinterest suspension email notification

So how do you go from here? Do you shut off the vast opportunities that Pinterest brings to small businesses? 

I hope your answer is no!

Because we’re here to help, this article will walk you through the steps to get your account back. 

My Personal Pinterest Suspension Encounter 

My journey with Pinterest suspension began with my first business account in 2019. I had a Pinterest page about modern arts and male fashion inspo. Everything went well and the account was growing, with over 250 followers before I received a suspension mail. 

The ordeal was harrowing, with one suspension dragging on for months before reinstatement. Out of panic, I sought random advice from various corners of the internet. But these random bits of advice added more fuel to the fire. I almost shut down my page and called it a quit.

So I know how it feels to be here. The panic comes with the thought of losing your Pinterest account forever.  

Before we move on, let’s clarify the conversation: a Pinterest account suspension means total lockout – no logging in, no content creation, no interaction with other pins, nada. 

It’s distinct from a spam block, where you retain access but witness plummeting results.

Why did my Pinterest page get suspended? 

The main culprits for getting suspended on Pinterest include:

 Accidental spamming 

Now Pinterest has a lot of policies put in place to prevent creators like you and me from performing weird practices that can deter the experience of pinners. 

In June 2021, there was a great wave of inaccurate suspensions–like we’re seeing today–because of a glitch in Pinterest’s system. 

But here’s the good news: since it’s a big issue affecting lots of people, Pinterest usually works quickly to fix it. So if you’re caught in the wave, don’t worry – things will get sorted out soon.

But most of the time we violate these rules from sheer ignorance. 

Just like the experience with my old account, I kept saving images from Pinterest and search engines to repin them as my art. This was a spam activity, but I thought it was right. 

So consider reading the Pinterest community guidelines to know the do’s and don’t here. 

When was the last time you bothered to read the Pinterest community guidelines? Maybe never.

That long red block of text always bore me out. But I finally saw the need to when I got my account suspended. 

Anyway, here are the basic spam rules you need to know. 

Pinterest guidelines around spam include:

1. No Robot Army: Only use automation tools that Pinterest has given the thumbs up to, like our Pin Generator automation tool

2. Be You, Not Fake: Keep it realm with your content. Don’t create fake accounts. Be authentic and play by the book.

3. Stop reposting similar pins over again: Nobody likes spam, so don’t be that guy. Avoid posting the same stuff over and over again. Be creative and make Pins your audience wants to see.

4. Keep It Legit: Don’t try to make a sneaky profit off Pinners or their traffic. Your website should be trustworthy and have original, helpful content that folks will love.

5. No Sketchy Links: Don’t link to shady websites that are up to no good. Your links should be safe, and honest, and add value to Pinners’ lives.

6. Don’t Be a Spammer: Don’t bombard people with a gazillion messages they didn’t ask for, especially if you’re trying to sell them something. Keep it classy and respect people’s space.

7. Be Nice, Be Real: Your comments should be genuine and unique. And hey, let’s keep it friendly out there!

8. One Account per Person: Stick to one account per business page. There is no point in having multiple accounts for your business.

9. No Sneaky Business: Don’t try any funny business to boost your stats or trick the system. No buying likes or stuffing keywords. 

10. Don’t Trick the System: Don’t try to outsmart our anti-spam measures. Be upfront and honest about where your links lead. Nobody likes surprises, especially the sneaky kind.

Now, there is a high chance you accidentally violated one or more of the rules that look like spam to Pinterest’s system. 

In this case, you can explain it to the help center team.

The second and most common reason why your account could get suspended is.

Pinterest Algorithm Fault

Recently, there has been a growing report about Pinterest flagging down business accounts for content nudity or no reason at all.  

If this is your plight, you’re not alone. 

We’ve observed complaints from Facebook groups, Subreddits, and X social channels regarding this issue. 

Pinterest account suspension complaint on Reddit

Sometimes, this could be from a general Pinterest algorithm glitch where Pinterest goes haywire and suspends a lot of accounts because of a glitch in Pinterest’s system.

The good thing is there is a high chance Pinterest would work to resolve this issue since it’s a widespread problem. So if you’re caught in one of these waves, don’t worry – things will likely get sorted out soon.

But if you’re eventually the only one going through it at the time, then Pinterest wouldn’t make an immediate change to rectify the issue.

In this situation, there is no hack or secret strategy other than persistently appealing to get your account reinstated.

Pinterest suspension comment on Reddit

Photo Credit: Reddit 

Persistence is your greatest ally

Bombard Pinterest with help tickets and appeals until a human takes notice. And remember, kindness trumps all – these are fellow humans dealing with algorithmic mishaps, not the architects of your misery, so be nice when writing an appeal for account recovery. 

Here’s a template for crafting an empathetic and persuasive appeal:

Subject: Appeal for Pinterest Account Suspension

Dear Pinterest Support Team,

I’m writing to appeal the suspension of my Pinterest account. I apologize for any unintentional violations of Pinterest’s guidelines.

I know Pinterest has rules to keep things good for everyone. But honestly, I might not have known all the do’s and don’t on Pinterest. I was just excited to share things and engage with this great community.

Now, I’m committed to understanding and adhering to Pinterest’s policies. Please provide details on my violations so I can avoid similar mistakes. I value my presence on Pinterest and look forward to resolving this issue.

Thank you for your attention.

Best regards,
[Your Name]

Follow Up if Necessary:

If you don’t receive a response or if your appeal is denied, consider reaching out to Pinterest support again. Explain your case politely and provide any additional information that may help your cause.

Comply with Pinterest’s Guidelines:

If your account is eventually reinstated, make sure to adhere to Pinterest’s policies moving forward to avoid further suspensions.

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Also brace yourself because there’s no set timeline for redemption, unfortunately. It might take days, weeks, months, or never, to get your Pinterest account back.

Sadly, this is the harsh reality of using any digital platform for your business. 

In parting, remember this: the road to account restoration is fraught with uncertainty. Fight for what’s yours, but also prepare for the possibility of disappointment. Pinterest may never be the benevolent guardian we wish it to be, but as creators, we adapt, evolve, and persevere.


Why does my Pinterest account keep getting suspended?
Your Pinterest account might be getting suspended for various reasons, such as violating Pinterest’s community guidelines, engaging in spammy behavior, or experiencing a glitch in Pinterest’s system. It’s essential to review Pinterest’s rules and ensure you’re following them to avoid future suspensions.

How long does Pinterest deactivation last?
The duration of Pinterest deactivation can vary depending on the reason for deactivation and whether you choose to reactivate your account. In some cases, you can reactivate your account immediately by logging back in. However, if Pinterest takes action against your account due to policy violations, the deactivation period could be longer, and potentially permanent.

How can I get my Pinterest account back?
If your Pinterest account is suspended or deactivated, you can try to get it back by following Pinterest’s appeals process. This typically involves submitting a help ticket through Pinterest’s support system and explaining your situation. Be honest and polite in your communication with Pinterest, and provide any necessary information or evidence to support your case.

How not to get banned on Pinterest with affiliate links?
To avoid getting banned on Pinterest with affiliate links, it’s essential to adhere to Pinterest’s community guidelines and policies regarding affiliate marketing. Avoid spammy practices such as posting excessive affiliate links or engaging in deceptive tactics to drive traffic. Instead, focus on creating high-quality, relevant content that adds value to Pinterest users.

Read more: How to Use Pinterest for Afilliate Marketing

Does Pinterest remove affiliate links?
Pinterest does not explicitly remove affiliate links from its platform. However, Pinterest’s community guidelines prohibit spammy behavior, including excessive posting of affiliate links or engaging in deceptive practices. If Pinterest determines that your use of affiliate links violates its policies, your account may be subject to suspension or removal of content. Therefore, it’s crucial to use affiliate links responsibly and in accordance with Pinterest’s guidelines.

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