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Leverage Pinterest Trends to Increase Your Traffic and Sales – The Ultimate Guide

518 million active Pinterest users and each and every one is searching for home decor tips, ideas on where to go on holidays, healthy recipes, which shoes to wear and much much more.

Now, imagine being able to tap into that data and be the one who is right there when they search!

That’s the power of Pinterest Trends.

Pinterest Trends let you look behind the curtain and reveal what’s about to become HOT. 

This treasure trove of information can be used for any online creator.

So whether you’re a blogger, affiliate marketer or you’re selling your own products, you should tap into the power of Pinterest Trends and this guide will show you how!  

Trends Vs. Seasonality

Before we get started, we need to cover an important distinction and get on the same page about seasonality vs. trends

Some keywords will look like trends (on paper) but are actually heavily based on seasonality. These are recurring “trends” that come back every year. 

Think about keywords around specific holidays such as “Mother’s day Gifts” or “Christmas Stocking Fillers” but also yearly occurrences such as graduation, summer or back to school. 

Now, I’m not saying you shouldn’t create pins for these seasonal trends, however because these trends can be anticipated you’re better off creating pins about 90 days BEFORE the search starts to happen.

Christmas related keywords actually start gaining traction as early as September. Whereas “Mother Day Gift Ideas” start at the end of March. 

This means that the best time to pin Mother’s day related content is in January and Christmas related pins as early as June.

In the upcoming guide, these are NOT the types of trends I want you to focus on. 

I’m talking about “real” trends here, trends that can be non-existent one year and super popular the next. The type of trends that are hard to anticipate and worth getting on early when they arise.

With that being said, let’s have a look at how to use these types of trends to go viral on Pinterest.

1. How to Use Pinterest Trends to Go Viral

That feeling when your pin goes viral

Pinterest trends are like little breadcrumbs telling you what’s brewing. 

Imagine having been one of the first food bloggers to realize airfryer recipes were starting to become popular… 

When you can jump on trends early, you can be there before the competition. Which means you can get more exposure, saves and comments, which then kickstarts the flywheel of more views, more saves, which lead to more views, etc.

And that’s exactly what’s needed to make your pin go viral!

So let’s dive in:

Step 1: Use a Seed Keyword

Start with a broad enough keyword related to your niche.

Eg. recipes is a better keyword than summer salad recipes (unless of course you ONLY want to know you need to add strawberries to your salads ;-) )

However, you want to make your keyword niche enough to avoid getting flooded with irrelevant suggestions. 

Eg. “home decor” is not a good keyword if you’re a lifestyle blogger. However “living room” or even “furniture” might be a better way to keep a finger on the pulse.

Step 2: Find the Keywords That Are Starting to Trend 

We’re looking for keywords that have a SMALL monthly change AND that have a positive yearly change (the bigger the better). This means the keyword is doing better than last month (aka starting to pick up) AND that is doing much better than last year which might indicate these keywords are new to the platform and are about to pop.

At that point, you have a choice:

  • Go for the keyword (and insure you’re early)
  • Wait another week and track the trend to see if it continues.

If you haven’t yet, go set up a Pinterest Trend Alert email for your keywords so that you can easily track keywords on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and be the first to identify new trends that are about to explode.

Step 3: Create Your Pins

Now that you identified a keyword that’s about to pop, create and post your pins. 

Obviously, you want to make sure you can benefit when the pin becomes popular so you’ll want to identify the content you want to link to. 

This can be:

  • Existing content on your site that matches the keyword
  • A landing page where you offer a freebie related to the keyword
  • New content you create specifically to target the keyword

Then you’ll want optimize your pins to be shown for the target keyword for this you’ll want to include the keyword:

  • On your pin image (yes Pinterest “reads” text on images)
  • In your pin title
  • In your pin description
  • In the alt text of your image

Finally you want to make sure you post the pins to relevant Pinterest boards because the board name also plays a role in helping Pinterest identify what your pin is all about and who they should show it to. 

Watch your pin go viral… 🥳

All of this can easily be done using Pin Generator. 

That’s it, that’s how you can use Pinterest Trends to be the first to hop on an emerging trend and go viral on Pinterest.

Now let’s see how we can use this information as an e-commerce business or an affiliate marketer!

2. Capitalize on Trends to Boost E-commerce Sales and Improve Service Visibility

Now that you understand the basis of identifying emerging trends and using them to go viral, let’s have a look at how you can use this information to sell more products! 

2.1. Position Your Products to be on Trend

Positioning is everything!

At the risk of sounding really old… Remember SodaStream from when you were a kid? Soda Stream was positioned as THE machine to make sugary soda drinks from home. Fast forward to 2024 and SodaStream is THE solution to avoid buying sparkling water in wasteful plastic bottles. 

Same product. Different positioning.

You can do this too! Albeit on a smaller scale.

Your cool sweater might be the perfect fit for the keyword “Dopamine fashion” or “Boho Style”

Simply create a pin featuring your product targeting these keywords. 

Or maybe your couples photography service could also be found by people looking for “Unique Engagement Photos”. 

Find pictures you’ve taken for customers that could match the description and pin them using the new trendy keyword.

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

Sometimes simply changing the way you present your product can be enough to make it fit a trend! 

Maybe that red lipstick can fit the “1920 style” keyword when you show it next to a woman in a Charleston dress (by the way you should check out our “Best Pin Templates for E-commerce Products” article to see how to take full advantage of this customer + product template!)

Use context to fit a trend

The goal here is to be creative and think how and which one of your existing products could fit the emerging trend.

2.2. Source or Create New Products or Services

Obviously, this can be a bit harder to do or take longer but if you have the ability to quickly react to trends you can take advantage of this! 

This will work incredibly well if you’re selling:

  • Digital products
  • Print on demand products
  • Products that are only made when ordered but where you can show a mockup
  • Services where all you need to do is create a package that fits the trend

Imagine you make tailor made dresses and you see “Gypsycore” is trending, maybe you can pin one of your designs (rendered in a 3D software or even AI) to show what you’re capable of creating. 

Or imagine you’re an interior designer and “Mediterranean design” is starting to trend, you can do a virtual makeover of a living room and post the before and after pin on Pinterest using the trending keyword you identified. 

3. How to Cash in on Trends as an Affiliate Marketer or Blogger

I hope you took the time to read the section about how to use Pinterest trends to go viral and even how to use it to promote e-commerce products or professional services because we’ll build on this knowledge and adapt it to fit an affiliate model.

3.1 Find Existing Products That Fit the Trend

As an affiliate marketer your job is to provide website visitors with products that match their needs. You can use Pinterest Trends to know which products you should curate.

Let’s imagine you have an authority site focused on coffee. You promote coffee subscriptions and are a partner in the Amazon Affiliate Program so you get a commission each time someone buys a product on Amazon via your site. 

You’ve identified “Coffee Nook” as an upcoming trend in the broader coffee space. 

You can now easily create content and pins that match the keyword “How to Create a Coffee Nook in Your Kitchen” and use this content to promote affiliate products. 

3.2 Find Informational Content Topics to Support Your Money Pages

If nobody comes to your site, nobody will click on your affiliate links… The biggest mistake I’ve seen people make when it comes to affiliate marketing on Pinterest is to simply think they can spam the platform with tons of pins all leading to the same affiliate landing page. 

This WILL get you banned and it is NOT the way to do affiliate marketing in today’s day and age.

You want to create a good mix between informational and money content. 

Pinterest Trends are a goldmine when it comes to this informational content!

Let’s take the coffee example again. 

Just by using “coffee” as a keyword, I found the following topics that could make for fun and topical content:

  • Coffee can crafts (guess who buys coffee and has too many empty cans??)
  • Coffee cookie recipes (coffee is not just a drink, it’s also an ingredient ;-) )
  • Coffee grounds in the garden
  • Coffee filter flowers

None of these are keywords that will make you money immediately but they will help you build up traffic (and they can still be monetized with ads if you’d like)

So identify the trend, create the content, create the pins, post the pins on relevant boards, get website traffic. 

There you go, that’s my full breakdown on how to get the most out of Pinterest Trends to get more website traffic and more sales. 

I hope you can see how powerful Pinterest Trends actually is to see success on the platform and to make it as easy as possible we’ve created a free trend alerts tool that will send you a daily, weekly or monthly email with the trending keywords in your niche. Go check it out! 

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