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How to Understand the Pinterest Algorithm Ranking Rules in 2024

Are you confused about how the Pinterest algorithm even works?

Would you like to know how and why some pins appear top of explore pages, beating others with the same keywords? 

Then you’re at the right place. 

The Pinterest algorithm system is like the brain region of how Pinterest, deciding which posts show up and which don’t. So understanding this Pinterest algorithm isn’t just helpful, but it’s super important if you wish to see your Pinterest profile convert more leads.

Also, we noticed the discussions around Pinterest algorithms are often outdated. This is why we’ll look at the nuances of Pinterest’s algorithm in 2024.

Let’s get to it. 

Understanding the Pinterest Algorithm

The Pinterest algorithm is like the secret sauce that decides which pins show up on pinner’s feeds. It’s a model that Pinterest uses to find and discover the content its most pinners interact with, and will prefer. 

Just like search engines, Pinterest decides which pins to show based on basic SEO techniques like using the right keywords in meta titles, Pinterest bio, and pin descriptions. 

But it also looks at how people behave on the platform, like what pins they save, how much they interact with them, and what they search for, this helps them see the content they’re interested in.

7 Top Ranking Factors Influencing the Pinterest Algorithm

There are more ranking factors influencing the Pinterest algorithm. Trying to note every ranking factor might leave you frustrated. Instead, we highlighted the 7 top Pinterest algorithms for you to learn and adhere to. 

1. Pinning Quantity

Pinterest likes it when you’re active on the platform. The more you pin and engage with content, the more Pinterest will show your pins to other people. So, if you want your pins to be seen, keep pinning regularly.

2. Pin Quality

Pinterest prioritizes the great experience of its users, this is in fact one key algorithmic factor every Pinterest creator should consider. So creating pins with eye-catching visuals, helpful descriptions, and content that’s relevant to what people are searching for is the best way to go. If you want your pins to stand out, focus on creating top-notch content that people will love.

3. Engagement Metrics:

Pinterest pays attention to how people interact with your pins—clicks, saves, shares, and comments. Pinterest always takes note of these metrics and highlights the pins with the best organic engagement. So, strive to create pins that encourage engagement and interaction, this isn’t dependent on your visual quality alone but on other engaging factors like interesting topics, hosting challenges, and quizzes. 

4. Fresh Content:

Pinterest likes to keep things fresh. That means it rewards creators who regularly share new content instead of just reposting the same pins over and over again—-you might even get suspended for spamming if you keep reposting old pins too many times. To keep your content fresh, you can rely on our Pin Generator to help generate evergreen content relevant to your Pinterest followers.  

5. Relevance and Trends:

Pinterest wants to show its users content that’s relevant and up-to-date. That’s why it’s important to align your pins with trending topics and popular searches. You can increase their chances through research and optimizing your pins with relevant keywords.

6. Broken Links and Domain Authority:

Pinterest wants to send its users to trustworthy websites, so it penalizes pins with broken links or low domain authority. Make sure your pins lead to reliable sources, and focus on building a strong online presence to boost your domain authority. Also, make periodic checks to see if the links added to your pins are broken.

7. Topic Relevance:

Pinterest determines if your content matches what a user is interested in by looking at topic relevance, Just like Google, it checks out the words and hashtags in each pin, like the title, description, and picture or video. For instance, if Pinterest knows you’re into board games, it’ll keep showing you stuff about them so you keep liking and spending time on the platform.

Aligning with the Pinterest algorithm isn’t just about playing by the rules; it’s about getting your content seen by more people. By understanding how the algorithm works and following its guidelines, you can increase your visibility on the platform and drive more engagement with your pins. So, if you want to make the most of Pinterest for your business or brand, always align your strategy with the algorithm.

Strategies to Elevate Your Pinterest Marketing

We already have a well-detailed post sharing 15 strategies for growing your Pinterest marketing, so we won’t dwell much on the strategy side of Pinterest marketing. 

Optimize Your Profile and Boards

Optimizing your profile boards isn’t any special anymore, this is part of the basic practices you to help your audience easily locate your page.

Keep your bio short, sweet, and snappy. 

Your profile title covers your name, either personal or brand name. And your description mentions who you are, what you love, and why you’re on Pinterest.

Opt for a clear, high-quality profile image that reflects your personality or brand. Remember, simplicity often steals the spotlight.

It’s also important to note that the link to your bio isn’t clickable.

for example: Take a look at the Pin Generator profile bio

Pin Generator well-optimized profile for growing Pinterest followers

Also, make sure every detail needed to be filled on your profile is properly done. Maintaining a complete profile with detailed information fosters credibility and entices users to explore your content further. 

Lastly, categorize your boards thoughtfully, using descriptive titles and cover images that resonate with your audience’s interests and preferences.

Create Compelling Visual Images and Videos 

Crafting compelling visuals should be the core of your Pinterest marketing, just as it is the core Pinterest algorithm ranking factor. With the platform’s visually driven nature, aesthetics play a pivotal role in capturing users’ attention and driving engagement.

Striving for visual appeal involves leveraging eye-catching images, vibrant colors, and captivating designs that resonate with your audience’s interests and preferences. 

Prioritizing high-quality visuals reinforces your brand’s image and credibility, fostering trust and loyalty among your followers.

Leverage Rich Pins and Descriptive Metadata

Leveraging rich pins and descriptive metadata further enhances the discoverability and engagement of your content. Rich pins provide additional context and information about your pins, increasing click-through rates.

Meanwhile, optimizing pin titles and descriptions with relevant keywords and compelling copy improves their visibility in search results and encourages users to take action.

Pin Generator is the perfect keyword meta title and description generator. 

Host Content Challenges and Giveaways

The level of engagement on your Pinterest account will determine the level of traction from your content challenge. 

If your Pinterest profile is new with less traction at the time, consider collaborating with influential Pinterest users in your niche to promote your challenge. But if you have just enough impressions to make a buzz, go for it.

Also, prioritize creating visually appealing pins that convey the excitement of the challenge or giveaway. Striking designs with clear instructions and enticing visuals will encourage participation.

Pinterest challenge image for growing followers

Monitor Analytics and Key Insights to make Informed Marketing Decisions 

Monitoring analytics and refining your strategy based on data-driven insights is our tested and proven method for achieving continuous growth.

Use the Pinterest Analytics feature to track key metrics such as impressions, clicks, saves, and engagement rates. You can analyze these metrics to identify patterns, trends, and areas for improvement.

By embracing a data-driven approach, you can fine-tune your Pinterest marketing efforts and achieve better results over time.

Wrapping up    

Understanding and using the Pinterest algorithm to your advantage is the definite way to stand out.

Of course, this is Pinterest, there are stunning pins everywhere. Your competitors know how to create cool graphics too, but they do understand the Pinterest algorithm like you now do?

So Follow the 7  algorithm’s rules to allow marketers to skyrocket your Pinterest profile and gain more quality traffic to your site.  

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