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Hashtags on Pinterest: Do They Really Matter?

As we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of social media strategies, one question emerges: do you use hashtags on Pinterest? 

While hashtags have become synonymous with platforms like Twitter and Instagram, their efficacy on Pinterest strategies remains a subject of debate, with many asking — do hashtags on Pinterest work?

Stay with us as we dive into the role of hashtags on Pinterest, examining whether they can indeed be valuable tools for users seeking to enhance their presence and engagement on this unique visual platform.

Should I Be Using Hashtags on Pinterest?

The value of Pinterest hashtags has been a controversial topic among content creators, with some believing that Pinterest, as a platform, does not recommend using hashtags. However, many believe clickable hashtags still serve a useful purpose in attracting followers and expanding exposure. 

Clickable hashtags are more challenging to find than keywords in Pinterest titles and descriptions, so while they may be useful, their effectiveness seems limited. Essentially, Pinterest hashtags act as a decoration that could add value to your content, but they shouldn’t be the core focus of your Pinterest strategy. 

Pinterest hashtag search

The History of Pinterest Hashtags

Hashtags on Pinterest are any keyword or phrase preceded by a (#) with no spaces or punctuation. For example, #PinterestGuide or #PinterestAutomation.  

Previously, it was possible to find content on Pinterest by clicking the hashtags in a Pin’s description. Adding hashtags to Pinterest descriptions allowed followers and users to click on the pin to visit a feed of all other Pins that share that hashtag. It’s uncertain whether this works as a fool-proof method today. 

Keep in mind that while the lifespan of a Pin is impressive, the impact of a hashtag is less impactful, as new content is prioritized in search feeds, and newer pins with the hashtag will appear first. 

While hashtags won’t necessarily hurt your account, they won’t necessarily help you either. 

How to Use Hashtags on Pinterest

Hashtags are an optional extra that may or may not add value to your content. If you do decide to use hashtags on Pinterest, they are best added at the end of a description rather than scattered throughout the description. 

Are Hashtags worth it?

Users can still discover related content by clicking on a hashtag in a Pin description, but the search bar will bring results both with and without hashtags. In addition, the hashtags may not be visible as blue, clickable links. With this in mind, hashtags are very similar to Pinterest keywords. 

Top tip: Make sure you avoid using irrelevant but popular Pinterest hashtags just for the sake of it, as Pinterest will identify this behavior as spam. 

How to add hashtags on Pinterest

If you still want to invest in hashtags on Pinterest on the off-chance that it helps with Pinterest SEO, then you can follow these easy steps:

  • Create or edit a Pin: Start by creating a new pin or editing an existing one in your Pinterest account.
  • Caption and description: In the pin’s caption or description, include relevant keywords and phrases you want to turn into hashtags. These should be related to the content of your pin.
  • Prefix with the “#” symbol: To turn a word or phrase into a hashtag, simply add the “#” symbol (hash symbol) before it, with no spaces. For example, if you want to use “travel inspiration” as a hashtag, you would write “#travelinspiration.”
  • Use relevant keywords: Ensure that the hashtags you use are relevant to the content of your pin, and research popular Pinterest hashtags for your niche.
  • Limit the number of hashtags: Pinterest recommends using no more than 20 hashtags per pin. While you can use multiple hashtags, it’s essential to maintain a balance and not overdo it, as it can look spammy.
  • Save or publish Your Pin: Once you’ve added the hashtags, save or publish your pin as usual. The hashtags will become clickable links when your pin is viewed, allowing users to explore related content.
  • Engage with hashtags: After your pin is published, engage with the hashtags by clicking on them to see related content. Liking, commenting on, or repinning content with the same hashtags can increase your visibility within those communities.
  • Monitor performance: Tracking hashtags on Pinterest analytics helps you gauge the effectiveness of your hashtags and make adjustments as needed for future pins.
Pinterest hashtag in description

Best Ways to Gain Followers on Pinterest

If you’re wondering how to get followers on Pinterest without the use of hashtags, then consider the following strategies, which carry more weight.

  • Consistency and quality pinning: Regularly share high-quality, diverse content to keep your profile active and engaging.
  • Engagement and networking: Interact with other users, collaborate in group boards, and follow relevant profiles to increase visibility and encourage follow-backs.
  • Optimize for discovery: Use Pinterest SEO by including keywords in descriptions, board names, and your profile to improve discoverability in search results.
  • Cross-promotion: Promote your Pinterest profile on other social media, websites, and emails to tap into your existing audience and attract followers.
  • Patience and analytics: Understand that building a following takes time; consistently monitor analytics to refine your strategy and adapt to what works best for your audience.

Should I Use Hashtags on Pinterest?

So, should you invest time and effort in incorporating hashtags into your Pinterest strategy? There’s no harm in adding a few relevant hashtags at the end of your description, but there’s no real value either. Your time and energy are best spent creating beautiful, eye-catching Pins, posting regularly, and prioritizing keywords in your titles and descriptions. 

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