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How This Gardening Blog Uses Pinterest to Drive Massive Traffic

7.9 Million Views on Pinterest. 

20.26% of total traffic comes from organic social and 93.52% of that is Pinterest traffic (according to Similarweb)

Not too shabby for a website that gets over 200K visits a month! 

So what can we learn from Garden Therepy’s Pinterest strategy? Let’s dive in!

1. Create a Great Variety of Pin Designs

Garden Therapy posts a lot of different pin designs

When scrolling through Garden Therapy’s created pins, there doesn’t seem to be a clear template they are using for their pin design. 

Where other brands will stick to one or a few designs, Garden Therapy really mixes it up. 

They are testing a great variety of designs with multiple images, text overlay, simple images,…

They do seem to stick to a fairly narrow color palette in order to make sure the pins all match a similar look and feel.

Simple color palette for consistent pin design

How You Can Do This Too

In Pin Generator you can easily set your branded color palette. This will automatically make the templates follow your color scheme!

Set the brand color in Pin Generator

And of course, you can pick from 100+ templates to create your pins and test which design resonates with your audience.

Pin Generator Templates overview
100+ Pin templates included in Pin Generator

2. Use Branded Pins

Every single Garden Therapy’s pin has their logo on it. This helps with brand recognition. Especially when you’re using proprietary pictures, having your logo on it will strengthen your brand when others repin the images. 

How You Can do This Too

In Pin Generator you can set your own logo under the brand settings, that way every pin that has the logo on the template will automatically use your own logo! 

Use the Brand Settings in Pin Generator to set your logo

3. Pin Images With and Without Text Overlay

Pins with a text overlay have a different purpose than pins without a text overlay. 

Pins with a text overlay such as “How to harvest strawberries” are perfect to increase click-through rate and visits to the website, however pins without text are ideal for repins when people are looking for inspiration. 

Especially with visually interesting content such as plants, people will repin images on vision boards. 

While the click through rate from those image only pins to your site might be lower, they are still a great way for new people to discover your content and as long as the image is linked to your article, provide an opportunity for traffic. 

How You Can Do This Too

In Pin Generator, you have image only templates, make sure to add one of these to your selected templates to allow a mix of text overlay and image only pins.

In the basic templates you’ll find the “Image Only” templates.

Missed Opportunity

When going over The Garden Therapy’s Pinterest and website we also discovered a big missed opportunity that could lead to more traffic from Pinterest

We call it “List Post Goldmine”

Posts like GARTENDING: 8 REFRESHING SUMMER HERBAL COCKTAILS are a goldmine for Pinterest content, unfortunately we could only find the generic pin for this article promoting the full list of cocktails. 

However, each one of these cocktails deserves its own pin! 

This will multiply the opportunities for people to find the content because now people who are looking for “summer herbal cocktails” would find the article but those looking for “Lavender Gin and Tonic” would too. 

Now, imagine going even one step further and creating pins that target the keywords “original summer cocktail” or “purple cocktail” and you can see the potential of reaching a big audience! 

Now it’s Your Turn

What do you think? Did you learn something you can apply to your own Pinterest pinning strategy

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