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Affiliate marketing

In this category, we want to provide a basic introduction and some tips for affiliate marketing on Pinterest.

Pins are a core element of any affiliate marketing site, and we see many advertisers putting their content on the platform as they rely heavily on visual content.

Pinterest is one of the fastest-growing social network sites, and this infographic will give you some basic tips on how to get started with Pinterest.

With 527 million monthly active users, Pinterest has become a popular platform for affiliate marketing. The network is mainly aimed at women (76%) from 25 – 55 years old, but it’s also a great place for men who are looking for inspiration or ideas.

Pinterest is a highly visual platform, and that’s why it’s important to provide relevant content, which adds value for the target audience.

It’s true that Pinterest has some limitations for affiliate marketers:  You can’t use coupon codes or product links in your Pinterest boards, but there are still plenty of opportunities to earn commission through affiliates.