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AI Alt text Generator, Custom Templates in WP and More!

There have been LOADS of updates for Pin Generator over the last 2 months and I’m here to share some of the highlights.

Alt text generator

You can now set alt text for your pins, but EVEN BETTER, you can set the alt text to be automatically generated using vision AI.

This will automatically look at the image you have generated and create the perfect alt text for it.

But why should you care about adding Alt text (or alternative text) to your pin images?

Having good alt text is a great way to improve the reach of your pins as it is another SEO indicator that both Pinterest and Google use to choose which results to show.

Turn on this setting in the AI sidebar and remember to save your settings.


Never lose your work again!

You may have noticed the new drafting features. Firstly, this autosaves your work whenever you navigate away from Pin Generator. It then automatically loads it when you reload the page so you can carry on where you left off.

Draft feature to avoid reloading a page and losing pins!

This also solves the irritating situation where you accidently reload the page and lose your pins.

You can also save the pins you are designing for use later. Click the save drafts or load drafts button in the menu above the pins.

After clicking on one of these you will see the drafts management section where you can overwrite, load, rename drafts, and delete drafts.

Note that all autosaved drafts delete after 60 days. So if you want to keep a draft, rename it to something more memorable.

AI duplicates fix – big speed updates

We have made a massive improvement to the occurrence of duplicate AI outputs. When you bulk generate titles the AI now has a history of previous generations and does its best to avoid them.

It seems to work duplicate free about 90% of the time. For very simple titles you may see a duplicate every 50+ generations.

Updated WordPress plugin

Did you know, Pin Generator has a WordPress plugin that allows you to automatically add Pin-able images to your posts? Now you do!

We have brought the WordPress plugin up to date with the latest security fixes. And more importantly, you can now also use your custom templates from the WordPress plugin.

Make sure you have the latest version from the plugin store here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/pin-generator/

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