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7 Tried and Tested Pinterest Scheduler for Automating Pins

If you’re reading this post, then you’re searching for a reliable Pinterest scheduler to help post your stunning pins at the right time. 

That’s where Pinterest schedulers come into play.

These tools help drive a consistent flow of Pinterest traffic by helping you plan and create content in advance, schedule content posting, and manage your Pinterest marketing strategies, all from one place. 

In this post, we’ll be focusing on the top 7 best Pinterest scheduler tools worth considering for your Pinterest marketing effort.

We’ve taken the liberty to go through these seven top Pinterest schedulers, saving you the time and frustration of sorting through endless options.

Let’s get into it, shall we?

Pin Generator (Pinterest Scheduler)

Pin Generator tool is a bulk Pinterest scheduling tool that publishes your pins at the set month, day, hour, and time zone.

If you are specifically looking for a kickass Pinterest ally for your pin scheduling, then Pin Generator is a top choice worth considering. This tool, unlike, other options, is built for only one social platform—Pinterest. So, every design, product development, and marketing decision is made with your Pinterest growth in mind. 

This is an example of how much people get excited to discover Pin Generator for their Pinterest page:

Customer review for Pin Generator (Pinterest Scheduler)

Using Pin Generator to schedule your well-created pins feels like having a top-tier personal assistant attend to your every Pinterest need. 

Pin Generator allows you to schedule your pins at any time and date. It also allows you to set the specific time zone of your choice. With this, you can publish pins to engage with followers outside your time zone. 

For example, you’re a culinary chef in New York promoting delicacies on Pinterest. 

You may have followers from different parts of the world. When your pins are photos of Japanese foods like sushi, tempura, or yakitori, you can schedule them and set the timezone for GMT+9. 

So, no matter the time difference, you can set your pinning schedule to match their tea time perfectly, ensuring your pins are fresh on their screens.

Pin Generator scheduling tool (Pinterest Scheduler)

Pin Generator also lets you set pins for auto-creation. 

Take a fresh digital nomad brand like Ollie and the Captain as an example. With no design knowledge within the team and busy traveling days, they created cool pins from our Auto Pin Generator feature and scheduled them directly.

Pin Generator Autopin creation (Pinterest scheduler)

How to schedule pins with Pin Generator

Step 1: Sign Up for a Free Trial

To start with Pin Generator, head to their website and sign up for a free trial. The free trial lasts seven days, giving you plenty of time to test the tool and see if it’s right for you. After the free trial, you can continue using Pin Generator for a fee.

Step 2: Connect Your Pinterest Account

Once you’ve signed up for Pin Generator, the next step is to connect your Pinterest account. You’ll be prompted to authorize Pin Generator to access your account, and then you can link the two accounts together.

You can link as many Pinterest accounts as you like so that you can manage all your Pinterest accounts in one place.

Step 3: Create Your Pin Schedule

You can start creating your pin schedule now that your accounts are linked. Pin Generator allows you to choose the specific days and times you want your pins posted and the number of pins you want to post each day.

Step 4: Generate Your Pins

After creating your schedule, you can start generating pins. Pin Generator allows you to create pins using any website URL. It fetches the images and data from that URL and uses them to create unique pins instantly.

Once the pins are generated, you can edit their colors, fonts, templates, and more to get the perfect set.

You can edit the titles and descriptions with AI to get the unique text for your pins.


Generating Pinterest pins

Step 5: Schedule your pins or create AutoPins

Now, you can schedule the pins you love, which will be added to your queue. Remember to click the schedule all pins if you want to plan all your pins at once.

You can also create AutoPins, which will generate pins for you regularly according to your current design settings!

Create AutoPins


Hootsuite Pinterest Scheduler

Hootsuite is an excellent, easy-to-use tool for scheduling pins to multiple accounts and boards at the same time.

As a Pinterest user, Hootsuite streamlines the process of creating and posting pins across multiple accounts or boards at once. It’s also a go-to platform for managing content across other social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, X, LinkedIn, TikTok, and YouTube. 

Hootsuite Features

Having all your content in one place keeps things organized and keeps you ready to go. Here are some of the features that Hootsuite provides for its users. 

  • Auto Scheduling: Hootsuite covers all your Pinterest scheduling needs, including auto-posting content, bulk scheduling, and custom scheduling based on your audience activity. They take it further by allowing you to create and schedule one post for your social media accounts instead of cross-posting the same content over yours.
  • App integration: With Hootsuite, you can schedule to several social media platforms, including Pinterest, X, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, and YouTube. You can also create, schedule, and publish content seamlessly from a single dashboard. 
  • Analytics and Insights: Hootsuite provides actionable insights for your social media scheduling decisions. You can see your engagement rate, audience activity timeline, and post-performance. These metrics enable you to track traffic more closely and fine-tune your Pinterest strategies for optimal results.
  • Media Library: You can effortlessly import pin graphics or videos from the built-in media library or use the image editor to create pins instantly. Likewise, you can save unfinished content to draft so you can work on them later.
  • Pin Calendar: Hootsuite’s pin calendar feature lets you view all your scheduled Pinterest pins (and content mix across your social media platforms). You can also alter the post schedule by rearranging the calendar or changing the post time for a pin. Additionally, you can see the pins you’ve published along with the number of repins and likes each one has garnered.
  • AI Writer: Hootsuite and Owlywriter AI’s partnership lets you generate out-worldly captions and content ideas. This puts you one step ahead of the content creation game, ensuring you always have content ready. 

Social Bee

Social Bee Home page

SocialBee is one of the market’s more well-rounded social management tools, not just a Pinterest scheduler alone. SocialBee allows you to create, schedule, and publish pins like the schedulers on this list. 

It also lets you collaborate with other social media users and analyze your social media posts. This is an excellent addition if you have multiple social media accounts, as it helps you stay organized and on top of your social media campaigns. 

In addition, SocialBee allows integrations with third-party tools like Canva, GIPHY, and Unsplash, which improves content creation.

SocialBee Features

Being one of the best all-in-one social media management tools, it’s only standard that SocialBee provides its users with outstanding features and functionalities. Take a look. 

  • Analytics and Insights: SocialBee offers access to crucial stats to grow your social media accounts. The analytics tool provides insight into the basics, including your top-performing posts, audience demographic, follower growth, and activity timeline. These data help you improve your social media campaign strategies as they let you know what works and what doesn’t. 
  • Content Creation: With SocialBee, you can automatically curate content. To help you add content, you can set up several content sources, such as Pocket, hashtags, RSS feeds, links, Zapier, and SocialBee’s official browser extension.
  • Browser Extension: SocialBee offers a browser extension for Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, and Firefox users. This feature lets you save incredible content while surfing the web and seamlessly add it to your content categories.
  • Content Categories: With SocialBee, you can categorize your content into various sections. This simplifies the task of maintaining a diverse and balanced Pinterest Schedule. You can add new and old content with evergreen value to your categories and activate or pause categories. 
  • App Integration: SocialBee lets you manage your Facebook, Instagram, X, and Pinterest accounts from one place. This makes it easier to manage your cross-platform social media campaigns. 
  • Audience Control: SocialBee allows you to unfollow non-followers, follow accounts you don’t follow, whitelist accounts you wish to connect to, and blacklist specific accounts. You can also find relevant accounts to connect to by searching with keywords or adding a filter. 


Circleboom homepage

Circleboom stands out as one of the most inclusive and secure social media management tools in today’s market. With Circleboom, you get the power to create, design, schedule, automate, and publish your Pinterest pins across multiple accounts and boards simultaneously. 

Circleboom has also integrated a built-in Canva, Unsplash, and Giphy extension, making pin creation a breeze. You can access several ready-made templates, photos, animations, filters, effects, fonts, graphics, gifs, and many other elements to create stunning visuals for your Pinterest content.

Circleboom Features

Circleboom is a go-to Pinterest scheduler, offering several amazing features that make using it worthwhile. Here are some of the features Circleboom offers.

  • App Integration: Circleboom isn’t restricted to Pinterest scheduling—you can use it on par with X, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google Business Profile. The best part is that you can handle multiple accounts from these social channels and cross-post content with one dashboard.
  • Analytics and Insight: Circleboom analytics tool provides vital statistics for all your social media platforms. You get access to your account analytics and follower insight. You can even find fake accounts, spammers, inactive accounts, and a smart search tool that helps you find new friends.
  • Circleboom AI: Circleboom leverages OpenAI to generate Pinterest pins and pin descriptions. This makes organizing pins and increasing your engagement with thoughtfully designed images and descriptions a lot easier. Its AI function also includes X and Instagram caption generation.
  • Hashtag Generator: Hashtags can increase your social media reach, impressions, and engagement. Circleboom’s hashtag generator takes the stress out of searching for hashtags online by providing targeted hashtags for your Pinterest pins and Instagram posts. 
  • Pin Design: With Circleboom, you can design custom pins, add titles and URLs to websites to pins, and even change the thumbnails of video pins. This gives you outworldly control over your pin posts. 


Tailwind homepage

TailWind is one of the top-rated social media schedulers in the market. Tailored specifically for Pinterest—it doubles down as an Instagram scheduler—TailWind lets you create, schedule, and publish pins on multiple boards at once.

You can develop pins from scratch, import posts from your favorite website, or design with Canva. It also functions as a social media manager, providing in-depth analytics to drive your business goals.

TailWind Features

TailWind boasts exclusive features that make it stand out among its competitors. Here are some of these features. 

  • Smart Schedule: TailWind recommends times to publish your pins. This information is based on your audience’s engagement rate, and you can add them to your pinning schedule so you don’t miss anything. 
  • SmartLoop: Besides publishing new pins, Tailwind’s SmartLoop feature allows you to reshare pins with evergreen value. That way, you can maintain a consistent Pinterest presence.
  • Analytics and Insights: TailWind shows your Pinterest pin performance, engagement rates, follower growth, and audience growth. If that’s not enough, you can collaborate with Google Analytics, which provides more insight into optimizing your Pinterest campaigns. 
  • Tailwind Tribes: This allows you to create or become a member of a community or “tribe.” There, tribe members get to collaborate and share pins, increasing reach and growing engagement organically.
  • Browser Extension: Browser extensions from Tailwind are available for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox web browsers. This lets you schedule your pins directly from your favorite websites.
  • Suggested Pins: TailWind will suggest pins similar to the ones you’ve already added. If you find these pins interesting, you can add them to your collection. On the other hand, you get a new set of suggested pins when you click on the refresh button.


Later home page

Later is an all-inclusive link in bio and social media management tool that caters to every social media platform, all from one account. With Later, you can plan, analyze, and schedule content for all your social media accounts simultaneously and in advance, helping you save time and boost your business’s growth.

Later Features

Later is for more than just Pinterest! It offers impressive tools to help you easily manage your social media platforms. Let’s look at some of its features.

  • Analytics and Insights: Later allows you to measure the performance of your Pinterest scheduler pins, track clicks, and monitor audience growth. You can also track and compare the data from your other social media accounts.
  • Quick Schedule: Similar to having pins on a queue, Later’s quick schedule feature lets you drag and drop pins. You can set up a weekly time slot for content publication and then effortlessly drag and drop media onto your calendar. Later automatically fills your next available time slot with your media content.
  • Media Library: This is one of Later’s main features. You can upload media to your library or reuse existing media to make a post. Likewise, you can add notes and labels to your uploads, filter through media, and star essential uploads.
  • Search and Repost: You can use Later to search for relevant Instagram posts that you can Repost using hashtags. When you come across a post you want to share, you can add it to your media library and schedule it for reposting at a suitable time.


Pally is a simple-to-use social media management tool that lets you plan, schedule, and automate your Pinterest images and videos. Its Pinterest scheduler tool includes built-in image resizing and other editing tools, empowering you to create top-notch content effortlessly, even on the go!

Integrating Pally into your social media routine makes it easier to maintain a consistent presence on Pinterest and other supported platforms and effectively engage with your audience.

Pally Features

This easy-to-use tool comes with standard scheduling features and more. Check out some of Pally’s best offers. 

  • Analytics and Insights: Pally offers Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn analytics, allowing you to track and monitor your top-performing posts, audience demographics, follower growth, and more. You can also create a custom analytics report by choosing specific metrics and timelines. You can also share it via your domain setup or export it as a PDF.
  • Pally Generator: Using Pally, you can generate image captions, X posts, bios, image descriptions, hashtags, and lots more, allowing you to stay on top of your social media game.
  • App Integration: Pally supports Instagram, Facebook, X, LinkedIn, Google My Business, Pinterest, scheduler, and TikTok scheduling. You can create, schedule, and publish posts for your media profiles at the click of a button.

Wrapping Things Up – The Decider

Selecting the perfect Pinterest scheduler tool will depend on various factors, including your specific needs, desired features, and budget constraints. Nonetheless, we’ve outlined seven top tools in the market. 

While they offer standard features such as pin scheduling, analytics and insights, and app integration with cross-posting capabilities, each tool also boasts unique features that set it apart. 

These distinct features can cater to specific preferences and enhance your overall Pinterest marketing strategy. So, have you found your match yet? What are you waiting for? Pick a tool and start pinning your goals!

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