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4 Pinterest SEO Secrets

Have you ever felt like you are pouring a ton of effort into your Pinterest marketing efforts only to get 10 impressions per pin on Pinterest? Your Pinterest SEO is probably not up to scratch.

I’m here to help you turn that around. I will show you 4 Pinterest SEO best practices you can implement today to get better results within 24 hours. The results that we are looking for are:

We are looking for results in the following pin metrics:

  1. Pin impressions
  2. Pin outbound clicks
  4. Pin re-pins

Implementing the below strategies is going to help your pins to rank higher on Pinterest so that more people can see your Pinterest pins.

We all want more traffic to our websites. Traffic converts directly into revenue through whatever monetization technique you are using on your website. So let’s focus on the things that will get us more traffic to our websites.

Pinterest SEO Hack 1 – Become the authority on a topic

The more content that you have on a specific topic, the better you will rank for the keywords that you use for that topic.

Pinterest decides that you are an authority on a topic based on a variety of factors such as keywords, engagement, and number of pins in a category.

We are going to focus on the variety of pins that we have for a topic. The more pins that you have within one category the more topical authority you will gain. For example, if you want to rank highly for “ruby jewelry”, your pins will perform a lot better if you have 100 pins featuring “ruby jewelry” than if you only have 2 pins on “ruby jewelry”.

The trick now is creating a large variety of pins for this topic.

How to create Pinterest pins faster

Have you ever tried creating pins with Canva? It can take a few hours to create 20 good pins. What if I told you that you can generate Pinterest pins from your existing website or e-commerce store content automatically?

You can save hundreds of hours by generating Pinterest pins using PinGenerator.com

Simply take the URL of your blog post or e-commerce product and paste it into Pin Generator.

Pin Generator will generate as many pins as you like in seconds. You also edit the design of your pins to match your business and even schedule your pins instantly within Pin Generator.

You can start using Pin Generator for free at PinGenerator.com. Create a large variety of pins for the keywords and topics that you want to target. Make sure that you have at least 20 pins in each board that you create to flesh them out nicely.

Now that you have a large variety of pins within your boards, you will become more of a topic authority for the keywords that you used. This will result in you getting more impressions on Pinterest.

Pinterest SEO Hack 2 – Find the best keywords to target

So now that you know how to make your Pins in record time, you need to ensure that the keywords you use for these pins are perfect.

If you are unsure about the best keywords to target for your pins then you can find keyword suggestions to target by using the Pinterest ads campaign creator. Don’t worry, you won’t need to create an ad campaign. You just need to start the process of making an ad and get halfway.

When you get to the interests and keywords section, you will see this screen:

Simply type in the topic that you would like to target, and you will get a list of related keywords as well as their monthly search volumes.

This is a major key to ensuring that the keyword you are targeting is a word that is being searched on Pinterest.

Find a few keywords here that suit your business and use those across all your relevant pins.

Pinterest SEO Hack 3 – Write better titles and descriptions

Now that you have the best keywords to work with, you can start putting together the best titles and descriptions. These are super important to get right so that your pins and boards get the most visibility possible.

Why do we need to write titles and descriptions for Pinterest Pins?

Titles and descriptions help Pinterest match what is being searched in text form to the pin images that accompany the text. This also helps to categorize pins and boards so that they can appear in search when particular keywords and searched for.

Writing good titles and descriptions will help to get your pins shown when someone searches for that search term.

You will need to write keyword-rich titles and descriptions for both your pins and the boards that your pins are in. Many people forget to do this for their boards, but this is super important as this is how Pinterest can determine the topic/genre of a board.

How long can a Pinterest Pin title be?

Pin titles can have up to 100 characters in them.

How long can a Pinterest Pin description be?

Pin descriptions can be up to 500 characters long.

You should try to include all the keywords that you are targeting in your titles and descriptions. Don’t try to stuff all the keywords into the title and descriptions, rather use natural language to describe your pins.

Pinterest SEO Hack 4 – Analyze other successful Pinterest users

A great way to find out what kind of content will perform well on Pinterest is to analyze the competition and see what kind of pins are already doing well on Pinterest.

You can then use this information to choose what type of pins and boards to create. This will show you what keywords are performing well as well as what kind of pin images are performing the best.

You can analyze successful pins, boards, and users by using a tool called Pin Inspector.

You can use Pin Inspector to see the trend of any search term:

You can also use it to find the best-performing pins for any keyword:

As well as the best performing boards with the most followers:

You can also use pin inspector to generate keyword ideas if you want to do some research on what the best keywords are for a topic.

Put these 4 strategies into place and watch your Pinterest traffic soar.

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