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3 Month Pinterest success plan

Follow this Pinterest 3-month success plan to start driving Pinterest traffic to your website. This will help you to sell more of your products and services and make Pinterest a staple source of traffic.

Each month you will need to put in 3-4 hours per month of work to make this happen.

This Pinterest strategy focuses on:

  • High volume pinning
  • 100% fresh pins
  • 10 – 25 pins per day
  • Focus on SEO

You can also download this as a pdf guide here.

First, you will see the Pinterest success plan calendar, followed by a how-to guide on how to complete each of the steps to create an awesome Pinterest marketing campaign.

Pinterest success plan - Month 1
Pinterest success plan - Month 2
Pinterest success plan - Month 3

How to perform each step in the success plan:

How to create your Pinterest account

Create your Pinterest account at https://www.pinterest.com and sign up for a free account.

How to claim your website on Pinterest

Navigate to https://www.pinterest.com/settings/claim and click the claim button next to websites and follow the prompts to claim your website. This will help you to track all pins that have your website as the outbound link, including pins made by others.

How to connect Pinterest to Pin Generator

Firstly, sign up for an account with Pin Generator here: https://pingenerator.com/signup

Then navigate to your Pin Generator profile page and click the “Add a Pinterest account” button.

Connect your Pinterest account to Pin Generator

How to set up your scheduling times on Pin Generator

Navigate to your Pinterest Scheduling settings page.

You can watch this video guide on how to set up your Pinterest pin scheduling times, or follow the instructions below:

On this page, set the number of pins that you wish to pin each day and the time slots that you want your pins to be pinned.

We suggest scheduling your Pinterest pins to go out between 8pm and 11pm, and 2am and 4am. These are the most effective time slots for Pinterest.

Make sure that you also select the timezone of where most of your customers are. So if the majority of customers are from USA, select a timezone in the USA where the bulk of those customers are.

Pin Generator scheduling settings

How to analyze your niche

To find out what pins work well for your niche you can investigate your niche in 3 ways.

  1. Pinterest trends – Trend analyzer
  2. Pinterest ad campaign manager – Great way to find keywords and their search volumes
  3. Pin Inspector – Analyze other people’s successful pins
  1. Use Pinterest trends. Type in your search terms here to see what search terms are popular. If you are not sure what to look for, this is a great place to see what is trending and doing well at the moment.

2. Pinterest ad campaign manager is a great way to find what keywords are searched for on Pinterest. Simply start creating an ad (don’t worry we won’t be spending any money here), and enter in any details on the first page and click continue. The next page will give you access to the “Interests and keywords” section. This is where the good stuff is.

Click the “Add keywords” tab and search for terms that you think your users will be searching for. You will then be shown a whole bunch of search terms and their search volume. Now pick the terms with the highest search volume and make sure you include them in your pin titles and descriptions.

Pinterest keyword finder

3. Pin Inspector is a great tool is a great piece of software that can help you see what pins and boards are doing well. Simply type in your search term and it will return what pins are doing well for that term, the number of saves, repins and comments etc.

How to create a board on Pinterest

To create a board on Pinterest, clicked the “create” drop-down button in the top left of your screen and select “Create Pin”. This will open a pin creation page. In the top right-hand corner, open the board dropdown and click “Create Board”.

Type the name of your board and select whether you want the board to be secret or public. Now, go to your saved tab on your profile and find your newly created board.

Click the edit button and set your board’s description. Remember to include the keywords that you want to target here. You can also add collaborators and edit some other settings.

How to generate pins with Pin Generator

Now you need to create your Pins. Follow this video guide on how to create pins with Pin Generator:

How to shuffle your pins on Pin Generator

Now that you have made all your pins, dont forget to shuffle them. Go to your scheduling page and click the “Smart Shuffle” button. This is ensure that all your pins are evenly spread out so that you are posting as much unique content to Pinterest each day as possible.

How to Analyze what Pinterest pins are doing well

The first task at the beginning of months 2 and 3 is to analyze what pins are doing well from the previous month. We can do this by looking at our Pinterest analytics.

Here you can see which pins are doing well. The most important metrics to look at are impressions, which indicate which pins Pinterest is choosing to display to users and outbound clicks, which indicate which pins are actually sending people to your website.

Pay close attention to the style of pins that are doing well (template, color, pictures, etc) as you will want to make more of these in your next batch of pins.

How to adjust your design settings

Now that you know what design elements are working for you on Pinterest, adjust your design settings from the generate page on Pin Generator. Make sure you save your settings so that they are applied to all pins whenever you open Pin Generator again.

How to continue the plan after 3 months

Now that we have covered all the steps in the plans, simply work through your success plan calendar each month and you should start to see a rise in your Pinterest impressions and outbound clicks over the course of these 3 months.

After you have completed the steps in the 3rd month, we recommend that you repeat the steps in month 3 going forward to continue to see great results from Pinterest.

Happy pinning!

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