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15 Strategies for growing Pinterest followers in 2024

Most people struggle with growing followers on Pinterest because they’re doing it incorrectly.

The conventional follow-un-follow tricks that work on other social media pages don’t work here, and buying bots as followers might get your profile shadow banned.   

So, how do you grow followers on Pinterest in 2024? 

Stay tuned as we expose the 15 no-fluff proven strategies that have worked for multiple Pinterest accounts across different niche profiles. 

But before we jump in, we’d like to note that getting more followers on Pinterest doesn’t always equal more clicks to your site. 

The quality of each pin has a part to play here. So growing massive Pinterest followers isn’t a guarantee for getting more traffic to your site. 

However, gaining followers helps achieve more sales, saves, and comments because Pinterest will likely show new pins to your followers.

Moving on, let’s dig a little deeper into the roots of how the Pinterest algorithm works in 2024. Not to worry, this is not a technical BS. 

Understanding the Pinterest Algorithm in 2024

Ever wondered how some pins hog the spotlight? It’s not luck; it’s the algorithm doing its magic. 

Creators who know how the algorithm works can gain followers by the day. 

And that’s likely about to be the same for you, after reading this post. 

Now, There are two kinds of algorithms in Pinterest:

  • The home feed algorithm  
  • The search discovery algorithm

The home feed algorithm shows the kinds of pins you interact with the most, the pages you follow, and sometimes recommended pins that may interest you. 

Meanwhile, the search discovery algorithm is somewhat similar but involves SEO practices like keyword research and optimization.

A screenshot of the Pinterest search engine

Other than these, the four factors you need to learn about the Pinterest algorithm include: 

  • Domain quality: Pinterest is concerned about the quality of the site linked to your pins. Beware of linking spammy sites to any of your pins so you don’t get penalized for suspicious activities
  • User engagement: The Pinterest algorithm monitors the saves, shares, and comments to detect quality from mediocre pins. When a new pin is created, the algorithm shows this pin to a few users to see how it performs, before promoting it further. 
  • Pin quality: The algorithm favors Pinterest profiles with a proven record of creating trendy, quality pins over new pages with little or no posts gathering cobwebs. Hence, strive to maintain a high bar of quality pins every time.
  • Keywords and key phrases: Pinterest is a visual-themed search engine, and just like other search engines, it uses keywords to learn, index, and show topic-relevant pins to its users. 

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15 Proven Strategies to Grow Followers on Pinterest

Get ready to learn of our 15 unique strategies for growing Pinterest followers. 

Strategy 1: Optimize your Pinterest Profile

Your Pinterest profile is like your first time meeting a friend but on a digital platform. 

Keep your bio short, sweet, and snappy. 

Your profile title covers your name, either personal or brand name. And your description mentions who you are, what you love, and why you’re on Pinterest.

Opt for a clear, high-quality profile image that reflects your personality or brand. Remember, simplicity often steals the spotlight.

It’s also important to note that the link to your bio isn’t clickable, but it doesn’t hurt to add a short link people could look at on Google. 

Pin Generator well-optimized profile for growing Pinterest followers

Strategy 2: Design High-Quality Pins

The popular saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover” doesn’t apply to Pinterest. 

The quality of your pins will determine how fast your followers will grow.

So start creating cool pins. Use vibrant colors, clear fonts, and captivating visuals. Think of each pin as creating a mini work of art that tells a story at a glance.

You can also get creative with moving images. Videos capture attention, and dynamic content keeps your audience engaged. 

We know it’s a difficult task to create quality pins on your own. Below we share a video on how to create quality pins at a fast pace with Pin Generator.

A quick guide on how to create quality pins.

Strategy 3: Add Pinterest SEO to your arsenal

When diving into the world of Pinterest SEO, put yourself in your audience’s shoes. Consider the words and phrases they might use to discover content similar to yours. Conduct thorough keyword research to identify these terms, and seamlessly incorporate them into your pins, descriptions, and titles.

To make the most of these keywords, ensure your descriptions are both descriptive and concise. Craft them in a way that not only includes the identified keywords but also provides a snapshot of what Pinners can expect.

Strike a balance between clarity and brevity, making your content easily discoverable and irresistibly clickable.

Pin generator auto-generates and optimizes keywords relevant to your pins.

Strategy 4: Consistent pinning schedule

When it comes to growing massive followers on Pinterest, you need to stick to a schedule to keep your audience coming back. 

Think of it like your favorite TV show, you’re likely to set a reminder because you’re sure it’s going to come on at a specific time of the day. 

You can build the same routine with your target audience. Find your sweet spot, and pin away.

Pin Generator scheduling tool Image.

Although sticking to a schedule might be overwhelming for you, this is why you need to arm yourself with Pinterest scheduling tools for ease. 

Strategy 5: Collaborate with Group Boards

Seek out group boards in your niche. Joining them is like attending a party where everyone shares your interests. Engage, contribute, and watch your followers grow. Follow the rules of the board. 

Share valuable content and interact with fellow contributors. It’s a mutual support system that expands your reach.

Strategy 6: Engage with Your Audience

Engage with your audience in the comment section, but don’t sound like a bot while doing it. Input some of your personality into your responses. 

This gives a personal feel to your audience and encourages them to follow you in return. Engaging naturally with your audience because you really care, and not to grow followers on Pinterest alone, is the best approach to this strategy.

Would you prefer to customer support feedback from a bot or a customer support member? 

Strategy 7: Host Content Challenges and Giveaways

The level of engagement on your Pinterest account will determine the level of traction from your content challenge. 

If your Pinterest profile is new with less traction at the time, consider collaborating with influential Pinterest users in your niche to promote your challenge. But if you have just enough impressions to make a buzz, go for it.

Also, prioritize creating visually appealing pins that convey the excitement of the challenge or giveaway. Striking designs with clear instructions and enticing visuals will encourage participation.

Pinterest challenge image for growing followers

Strategy 8: Cross-promoting on Other Platforms

The followers engaging on other platforms might be curious about your Pinterest world. So don’t be shy to share snippets, teasers, or exclusive content from Pinterest to other platforms. 

You can make a short snippet video chopped from your main Pinterest video to create a sneak peek and draw your audience from other social platforms to Pinterest. But ensure you’re consistent with your content creation across all platforms. 

Strategy 9: Analyzing Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest analytics is the best way to monitor what works and what doesn’t. 

Of course, we encourage consistent posting of pins to grow followers on Pinterest, but if you fail to analyze the type of pins your audience interacts with the most in your niche, then you’re only throwing pasta on the wall to see what sticks. 

Hence, we must lean into these boring numbers regularly.

Key Metrics to Monitor for Follower Growth:

  • Impressions: Gauge the reach of your pins. Stronger impressions indicate broader visibility.
  • Clicks: Track the number of clicks on your pins. This metric reflects user interest and engagement.
  • Saves: Measure how often users save your content. High saves signify valuable, shareable content.

Understanding What Resonates with Your Audience:

  • Refining Your Strategy for Continuous Growth: Analytics serves as your compass, guiding strategic decisions. If a specific type of pin garners more clicks or saves, replicate its elements in future content. Adapt your posting schedule based on peak engagement times.
  • Adjusting Strategies Based on Analytics Insights: Treat Pinterest analytics as a roadmap. Insights reveal the effectiveness of your current strategy and guide adjustments for optimal performance.
  • Tweaking Your Approach: If analytics highlight a spike in engagement during certain days or hours, adjust your posting schedule accordingly. A flexible strategy, informed by data, ensures sustained follower growth.

Strategy 10: Use Promoted Pins

If you have the budget, by all means, leverage promoted pins to get your posts in front of thousands of Pinterest users.

However, you should consider starting with a slim budget to learn the ins and outs of running paid ads on Pinterest. 

Once you get a firm grip on it by analyzing results, then you can increase your budget. Precise targeting ensures your promoted pins reach users genuinely interested in your content.

Lastly, always pinpoint your audience through precise targeting. Ensure your promoted pins reach users genuinely interested in your content by targeting users that match your brand persona. 

Strategy 11: Collaborate with Influencers

We discussed the idea of using influencers to promote your Pinterest and grow followers on Pinterest, but we are currently examining the potential of collaborating with influencers as a separate strategy. 

To find the right Pinterest influencers in your niche, follow these tips:

1. Strategic Identification: Identify influencers whose audience is similar to your target audience. It’s important to reach out to influencers whose content complements your brand aesthetics.

2. Engage Authentically: Approach influencers with honesty and authenticity. Share with them how your collaboration can benefit both parties and add value to their audience.

3. Create Mutually Beneficial Offers: Before you pitch to any influencer, consider what they stand to gain from the partnership. Does your offer align with their content goals and generate income for them? These are important factors to consider when developing partnerships that align with your brand. 

Strategy 12: Follow the Trends

Hoping on trending topics and posts helps you adapt your content strategy dynamically. 

You can make the most of seasonal trends like the Christmas holidays, Thanksgiving, Halloween, or even black fridays to make your pins relate to timely events, resulting in more followers.  

Infuse the spirit of the season into your visuals and messaging. Connecting with the current mood enhances the shareability of your content.

Strategy 13: Use Rich Pins

Rich pins are Pinterest premium pins. They bring more information than a normal pin would. 

This special info sticks with the pin, so it’s always there. 

There are three kinds of rich pins: ones about articles, ones about products, and ones about recipes. 

Each type makes your time on Pinterest more fun and informative. Rich pins provide context, making your content more valuable and engaging. This is a sure way to grow followers on Pinterest because people find rich pins engaging to interact with.

When setting up and optimizing rich pin content, make sure your website is set up for rich pins. Once configured, every pin from your site will automatically include extra details, enhancing the overall user experience.

Strategy 14: Leverage Pinterest Ads

Using Pinterest ads is a way to get your pins to the big spotlight faster. You can use different ads, like standard pins or carousel ads, to make your content stand out to more people.

  • Tips for Creating Effective Pinterest Ads: When you’re making ads, make them visually appealing. Use eye-catching images or designs and include a clear call to action. This means telling people what you want them to do, like saving or clicking on your pin. 

Also, make sure your message speaks to the people you want to connect with. This way, they’ll find your content interesting enough to follow your page. It’s like putting your best foot forward to grab everyone’s attention on Pinterest!

Strategy 15: Inspire Followers to Share Your Pins

Craft content that sparks emotions and reactions. Shareable content becomes a catalyst for organic growth as your followers willingly become promoters.

Promptly thank those who share your content and consider running special campaigns where sharing is rewarded, fostering a sense of community.

Wrapping Up

Now you’ve got a toolkit of 15 solid strategies to grow your Pinterest followers. 

We’d advise you to implement these strategies one at a time. And the key thing to note is consistency. Stay committed and you’ll see your followers grow.

If you’re confused about the first easy strategy to start implementing, you can start by signing up for our free trial plan, and create the best pins ever. 

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