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Case Study: How The Funky Stitch Received 5.02 Million Views and 66260 Website Visitors Using Pin Generator 

Facing the fallout from Google updates, The Funky Stitch recognized the urgent need to broaden their traffic sources. Specializing in crochet and knitting patterns, they identified Pinterest as an ideal platform for their visually-driven content. However, the daunting task of manually crafting hundreds of pins held them back. 

Enter Pin Generator: this tool became their solution, enabling them to effortlessly produce and share daily pins. 

The result? A staggering 2400% surge in Pinterest-driven traffic, catapulting Pinterest to their primary traffic source and significantly boosting their display ad revenue.

Pinterest traffic results using Pin Generator
Over 5 million views and 66k outbound clicks using Pin Generator

Here’s what they did. 

Created a High Volume of Fresh Pins

Pinterest itself underscores the importance of regularly pinning new content for platform success.

Source: https://business.pinterest.com/en-gb/how-to-make-pins/

This was the main challenge for The Funky Stitch, as a one-person-show they didn’t have time to manually create tens of pins for each piece of content. They also didn’t want to pay someone to create and schedule pins. 

Looking for a better solution they found Pin Generator and started to use the tool to quickly create 30 to 50 fresh pins for each piece of content. 

Quickly batch generate unique pins using blog images, title and SEO meta description with Pin Generator

“What I really like is that Pin Generator automatically detects the images, title and description of the blog post and then uses these to create the pins. All the pins look different and I can easily use the AI feature to rewrite some of the content!”

With Pin Generator, what used to be a time-consuming task became manageable, enabling the creation of hundreds of unique pins in just a couple of hours for both new and existing content.

Key Take Away

Pinterest rewards accounts that create fresh content. By using Pin Generator, The Funky Stitch was able to create hundreds of unique pins in just a few hours when before it would take them 10 minutes to create 1 pin in Canva.
All the sudden, creating enough pins to post multiple times a day became possible.

Scheduled New Pins Daily

Since May 2023, The Funky Stitch has adopted a routine of posting 5 fresh pins daily, managing to plan their Pinterest content calendar well in advance.

“I like the Smart Shuffle option in Pin Generator because I can go into the tool, create pins for 5 or 10 blog posts at a time and then use the Smart Shuffle button to make sure I’m pinning diverse content daily.”

Pinterest itself limits direct scheduling to just one month ahead. However, by leveraging a scheduling tool like Pin Generator as recommended, it’s possible to organize your pinning schedule far beyond this timeframe, ensuring consistent activity on Pinterest.

Over 350 pins scheduled for 3 months of Pinterest content

At any given moment, The Funky Stitch has about 3 months of content scheduled which allows them to spend more time on other aspects of the business knowing Pinterest is taken care of.

Key Take Away

By batch creating and scheduling pins, you can maintain a steady flow of new content on Pinterest effortlessly. This approach helps in building up impressions and driving traffic gradually over time. 

Remember, Pinterest is search driven. Unlike other social media platforms where only new content gets shown to users, on Pinterest old pins can continue driving traffic over time. 

Pins can have a VERY long life span!

This for example is a pin from The Funky Stitch that was originally posted in May but started picking up traffic in October (5 months after pinning).

This shows why posting consistently is so important!

Tested Different Pin Designs

The Funky Stitch used the pre-designed templates to quickly test which designs resonated with their audience. 

Here are 2 of their best pins that received over 200K views on Pinterest and over 5000 website visits in the last 90 days:

“When I was creating pins manually, I would always want to create “the perfect pin” however, looking at my Pinterest statistics now, I can see I have no clue what people prefer! Some pins that I don’t really like went viral while others didn’t get any traction. I learned it’s a numbers game and having MORE pins for the same content multiplies the chance of a pin taking off”

Key Take Away

Pinned is better than perfect! The more pins with different designs you pin for each piece of content, the bigger the chances one of them will really resonate and go viral!

Pin Generator makes this super easy. Simply pick from the 100+ templates and start pinning! And of course you can also create unique templates to match your brand.

Over 100 Pinterest pin templates are available within Pin Generator to help you get started quickly.

Now It’s Your Turn

Pin Generator proved instrumental for The Funky Stitch, to create the amount of pins needed to see real results without spending hours each week creating pins or having to hire a VA. Using the pre-made templates they were able to take the second guessing out of creating pins and simply get started testing different designs.

For businesses looking to improve their Pinterest strategy, starting with consistent, automated pin scheduling is key. 

Are you looking to build your Pinterest traffic engine? Start your free Pin Generator trial today!

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