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7 Best Later Alternatives for Pinterest: Top Picks

Are you looking to switch up your Pinterest marketing tool? Maybe Later tool doesn’t cut it anymore for you.

Well, you’re in luck. 

We’ve compiled a list of the seven best Later alternatives worth considering.

Let’s explore these top picks and boost your Pinterest strategy. But first, we need to see common reasons people search for Later alternatives for their Pinterest profiles.

Why People Search for Later Alternatives for their Pinterest?

Later is a buzzing tool for scheduling photos, videos, and infographics on Pinterest. It is adaptable to both mobile phones and desktops, yet people seek free Pinterest scheduling tools alternatives to Later.

After observing several complaints on social channels like Reddit, Quora, and the G2 review channel, we discovered the common limitations that cause people to seek other free alternatives to the Later tool. 

Later app limitations:

  • The free version is quite limited
  • What the introductory plan offers may not be worth the price 
  • The tool can be expensive for smaller teams
  • Hard cancellation process 
  • Limited collaboration features
  • Limited social inbox
  • Lack of advanced features (like listening, content curation, and review management)

Although our tool makes the list, we assure you that this is clearly because of its competence; you can check it out for free.

The Top 7 Later Alternatives & Competitors for Pinterest 

Pin Generator 

Pin Generator tool, at its core, is a Pinterest-centric graphics design and bulk scheduling tool. 

If you are specifically looking for a kickass Pinterest ally for your marketing, this is probably your best choice because Pin Generator is built for only one social platform—Pinterest. So, every design, product development, and marketing decision is made with your Pinterest growth in mind. 

This is an example of how much people get excited to discover Pin Generator for their Pinterest page:

Customer review for Pin Generator

Using a Pin Generator feels like bringing a loaded gun to a knife fight, and who doesn’t want to have an unfair advantage over their competitors on Pinterest?

But what makes people excited about replacing Later with Pin Generator? 

Let’s see the core features of this Later alternative app without much further ado. 

Pin Generator allows you to schedule your pins at any time and date. It also allows you to set the specific time zone of your choice, and this is a novel feature because we discovered the possibility of you having your average followers from another country or continent. 

For example, you’re a culinary chef in New York promoting delicacies on Pinterest. 

You may have followers from different parts of the world. When your pins are photos of Japanese foods like sushi, tempura, or yakitori, you can schedule them and set the timezone for GMT+9. 

So, no matter the time difference, you can set your pinning schedule to match their tea time perfectly, ensuring your pins are fresh on their screens.

Pin Generator scheduling feature (Later alternatives tool)

Pin Generator also lets you set pins for auto-creation. 

Take a fresh digital nomad brand like Ollie and the Captain as an example. With no design knowledge within the team and busy traveling days, they created cool pins from our Auto Pin Generator feature and scheduled them directly.

Pin Generator Autopin creation (Top Later alternatives tool)

How to schedule pins with Pin Generator—Top Later alternatives tool

Step 1: Sign Up for a Free Trial

To start with Pin Generator, head to their website and sign up for a free trial. The free trial lasts seven days, giving you plenty of time to test the tool and see if it’s right for you. After the free trial, you can continue using Pin Generator for a fee.

Step 2: Connect Your Pinterest Account

Once you’ve signed up for Pin Generator, the next step is to connect your Pinterest account. You’ll be prompted to authorize Pin Generator to access your account, and then you can link the two accounts together.

You can link as many Pinterest accounts as you like so that you can manage all your Pinterest accounts in one place.

Step 3: Create Your Pin Schedule

You can start creating your pin schedule now that your accounts are linked. Pin Generator allows you to choose the specific days and times you want your pins posted and the number of pins you want to post each day.

Step 4: Generate Your Pins

After creating your schedule, you can start generating pins. Pin Generator allows you to create pins using any website URL. It fetches the images and data from that URL and uses them to create unique pins instantly.

Once the pins are generated, you can edit their colors, fonts, templates, and more to get the perfect set.

You can edit the titles and descriptions with AI to get the unique text for your pins.

Generating Pinterest pins (Later Alternatives tool)

Step 5: Schedule your pins or create AutoPins

Now, you can schedule the pins you love, which will be added to your queue. Remember to click the schedule all pins if you want to plan all your pins at once.

You can also create AutoPins, which will generate pins for you regularly according to your current design settings!

Create AutoPins (Later alternatives)


Pallyy is a generic social media scheduling tool designed to streamline your social media management tasks. 

With its user-friendly interface and easy-to-use feature, Pallyy simplifies the process of scheduling and publishing content across various social media platforms.

Whether you’re a small business owner, a digital marketer, or a social media influencer, you can schedule posts at optimal times to maximize reach and engagement with Pallyy. Its analytics features provide valuable insights into your audience’s behavior, allowing you to refine your strategy and achieve better results.

Other Core Features of Pallyy:

In addition to scheduling posts, Pallyy offers other features like: 

1. Content Calendar: An interactive content calendar visualizes a content posting schedule, making it easy to plan and organize your content strategy.

2. Post Optimization: Optimize your posts for engagement with built-in tools for adding hashtags, tagging users, and optimizing post formats.

3. Analytics Dashboard: Pallyy’s analytics and reporting features help you gain valuable insights into your social media performance. 

4. Collaboration Tools: You can collaborate directly with team members or clients from their site. 

5. Customizable Templates: Create stunning visuals for your social media posts using their customizable templates and design elements. 


Content Studio Home page

Content Studio is one of the Later alternatives that offer scheduling and publishing features to over 12+ platforms. It simplifies the process of planning, creating, scheduling, and publishing posts across multiple platforms. 

But it’s not just a scheduling tool—it’s a comprehensive solution for managing your social media presence, engaging with your audience, and driving meaningful results for your business.

Content Studio offers more advanced analytics and reporting tools than most listed tools, which provide valuable insights into social media performance. 

Other Core features of Content Studio:

1. Content Discovery: Content Studio helps you find interesting and relevant content to share with your audience. You can search for articles, videos, and images from various sources all in one place.

2. Collaboration Tools: You can work with your team members or clients to create and schedule content. Content Studio lets you assign tasks, leave comments, and track changes, making collaboration seamless.

3. Analytics and Reporting: Get insights into how your content is performing with detailed analytics and reports. You can see metrics like engagement, reach, and clicks, helping you understand what content resonates with your audience.

4. Content Curation: Curate content from across the web and social media platforms to share with your audience. Content Studio makes organizing and scheduling curated content alongside your original posts easy.

5. Social Media Management: Manage multiple social media accounts from one dashboard, streamlining your social media presence. You can schedule posts, engage with your audience, and monitor conversations in one place.

Social Bee

Social Bee home page

Social Bee is one of the Later alternatives to integrate AI technology into social media management. 

If you need a tool to schedule different social media posts, consider Social Bee because it allows you to schedule posts at specific times of the day and target different time zones. 

This tool uses AI integrations that can create captions. 

Social Bee also integrates with graphic design tools like Canva, Unsplash, and Giphy, making your content creation and scheduling process more streamlined.

Furthermore, Social Bee offers analytics and reporting tools to track the performance of your scheduled posts. You can monitor key metrics such as engagement, reach, and clicks, enabling you to refine your social media strategy for better results.

Core Features of Social Bee:

Other core features of Social Bee include:

1. Content Curation: Social Bee allows you to discover and curate content from across the web using its built-in content discovery feature. 

2. Social Media Automation: Social Bee offers automation features to streamline your social media management workflow. You can set up automated Pinterest posting schedules and recycle your top-performing pins to engage your followers.

4. Collaboration Tools: Social Bee provides collaboration features, allowing your team members to collaborate on social media campaigns. You can assign tasks, share content ideas, and collaborate on pin creation.

5. Social Media Analytics: Social Bee offers comprehensive analytics and reporting tools to track the performance of your Pinterest campaigns. 


Hootsuite home page

Hootsuite is similar to Social Bee but bigger. It is more suitable for big enterprises with budgets for costly SaaS tools.

With Hootsuite, you can schedule and publish posts across multiple social media platforms, including Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Its intuitive interface makes creating and scheduling content easy, allowing you to plan your social media calendar and maintain a consistent posting schedule.

In addition to publishing and scheduling posts, Hootsuite also has analytics to track the performance of your social media campaigns. This allows you to monitor key metrics such as engagement and reach.

Features of Hootsuite:

Social Media Monitoring: Hootsuite allows you to monitor conversations and mentions across your social media platforms in real time. You can track brand mentions, hashtags, and keywords relevant to your business, informing you about what people say about your brand and industry.

Social Listening: Hootsuite’s social listening feature goes beyond monitoring brand mentions to help you understand broader trends and conversations happening within your industry. By analyzing social media conversations and sentiment, you can gain valuable insights into customer preferences, pain points, and emerging topics, allowing you to tailor your marketing efforts accordingly.

Analytics: Hootsuite provides comprehensive analytics and reporting tools to measure the performance of your social media campaigns. You can track key metrics such as engagement, reach, clicks, and conversions across all your social channels, allowing you to assess the effectiveness of your content and strategy. 


Meet Edgar home page

MeetEdgar is more of a social media planning tool than the other Later alternatives listed here. This tool is suited for small, medium, and enterprise businesses looking to schedule their Pinterest and other social media posts. 

One of MeetEdgar’s standout features is its intuitive content scheduling interface. Users can easily create and organize their social media content using a drag-and-drop calendar, making it simple to plan and schedule posts in advance. 

This tool makes maintaining a consistent and engaging presence on Pinterest and other social media platforms easy.

Features of MeetEdgar:

1. Content Recycling: MeetEdgar allows you to recycle evergreen content, ensuring that it continues to reach your audience at the right time. 

2. Categories and Schedules: You can organize content into categories and set publishing schedules for posts from each category.

3. Automated Posting: MeetEdgar automates the posting process, automatically publishing scheduled content, saving you time and effort.

4. Variations: The tool allows you to create multiple variations of a single post and experiment with different messaging and formats.


Buffer home page

Buffer offers a comprehensive platform for managing social media, making it one of the top alternatives for later use. You can plan and schedule posts, manage your content, collaborate with others, analyze your performance, and monitor social media activity all in one place.

Buffer is an excellent option for individuals or businesses seeking alternatives to Later. With Buffer, you can schedule posts in advance across various social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Mastodon, and Google My Business.

Whether you’re a freelancer managing multiple clients or a business owner looking to streamline your social media efforts, Buffer provides the tools you need to succeed. Buffer’s user-friendly interface and robust features make it easy to stay organized and track your progress.

Buffer Features:

Other core features of Buffer include:

1. Content management: Buffer allows users to manage all their social media content from one centralized platform. This includes organizing posts, images, and videos for easy access and scheduling.

2. Collaboration: Buffer offers tools enabling team members to collaborate on social media content. Users can assign tasks, leave comments, and track changes within the platform.

3. Analytics and insights: Buffer provides detailed analytics and insights to help users track the performance of their social media campaigns. This includes metrics such as engagement, reach, and click-through rates, allowing users to make data-driven decisions.

4. Social media monitoring: Buffer allows users to monitor mentions, comments, and conversations about their brand across various social media platforms. This helps users stay informed about what people are saying about their brand and respond in real time.

5. Integration with major social media platforms: Buffer supports integration with all major social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok, Mastodon, and Google My Business. This allows users to manage all their social media accounts in one place.

Wrapping Up

With this post, you can say goodbye to Later’s limitations. Not to say any of these tools are flawless, but we’re confident they’re reliable especially the Pin Generator.

Pin Generator isn’t just another scheduling tool—it’s a dedicated ally for your Pinterest marketing efforts. With its intuitive interface, advanced scheduling options, and AI-powered pin creation, It arms you with the necessary weapon for creating stunning pins, scheduling them at optimal times, and driving maximum engagement with your audience.

Unlike other tools that try to be everything to everyone, Pin Generator focuses solely on Pinterest, allowing it to deliver tailored solutions that meet your unique needs as a creator or business owner. 

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